When the disciple has no love for me
Author: zhen yuan
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When the disciple has no love for me


"They say you are the most powerful god in the world, I want to worship you as a teacher," just middle school age boy holding a meter-long sword pointed straight at the mouth of the big sister with a dog tail grass "Where's the little kid?" A finger pushed away the sword blade in front of him, spitting out the dog's tail grass, full of disdain "Just say you take it or not" face red, but also can not resist the power of a finger, but the momentum can not lose "Accept it ~ but there are conditions ..." look at the face in front of the red to cry look, can not be teased ... "willing to be my disciple, I'll teach you how to become strong" big sister looked at the corner of the weak, poor and helpless little boy, motherly "Okay, you have to make me strong, I want to defeat all the people who bully my brother" the little boy suddenly had a light in his eyes "This wish..." is a brother control ah ... "When my apprentice, you know everything you want to know" silently looking at the sky for thirty years before the little boy suddenly appeared strange big sister "Really, I want to know why the sky is blue" is a question to send the retarded "This question ..." child, you do not trust the eyes so hurt ... "Disciples, see you in the next life, promise! I hope I can help you find your own answers then", alone, facing a thousand horses, with a scepter in his left hand and a prayer in his right This is the battle of God! ... The main character, Bai Xiaobai, an ordinary-looking, open-minded nerd, accidentally crossed over one day and got the Master's Essential Course Reward System to take disciples, originally thought it was just an inspirational immortal cultivation article, but never thought it would end up being a ... The real wood has love, slow hot article, readers please beware!

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