When the big brother live after raising pups
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When the big brother live after raising pups


After Su second card seven debut failure, was the whole network black into coal. Everyone is spitting on her at a young age actually have five pups! What's the use of good looks, strength and what's the use, no matter how can not change her moral quality is bad and also promiscuous child scum line! Su second as if he did not hear about it, at home to raise the pups, and even began to live broadcast the pups funny daily. A lot of netizens scoffed: who would watch that kind of garbage show! Who watches who dogs! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Awsl, what kind of poison did that woman give me, the pups are too cute! The netizens are cursing: So, who are the dads of the pups, we don't scold you King of the Sea anymore, right? Kyoto Baba total wildly clarified: whose pups who claim, hold away my family seconds not about. Immediately after that, the big man with Su seconds big sister came, the black belt bully with Su seconds second sister came, and the female big man top flow and Su seconds third sister and medical ghost doctor and Su seconds fourth sister. Five cubs: people want aunt ~ (? ˉ????? ˉ???) The crowd: ...... is the night, the dog man will be Su seconds circle in the arms, dark compulsion: seconds, we should not also have a pup? Su seconds: ...... roll ah!

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