The years I killed the main man
Author: shi li zi
46 Chapters
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The years I killed the main man


Synopsis: Jiang Zhinian inadvertently bound to a system, scrappy taskmaster + weak chicken system "strong" joint open script re-enactment, refusing to bundle HE, revenge, revenge, strive to each story towards the BE style, is a midway encounter with a full level big brother keen to be cannon fodder in the small world, so often through the burp to reach the BE line The taskmaster can only change the style of the picture to do things. Plot teaser: each bound system of the taskmaster is a wish, when the completion of the task line, you can exchange the wish to achieve. Protagonist: Jiang Zhi Nian x (you guess I guess, we all do not guess) ----- unimportant nonsense ----- plot all reenactment script of the original plot are scrappy chestnut brain hole pigeon over the text, the book title reference chapter name.

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