The world of beasts
Author: qing tian xiao zhu zai
101 Chapters
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The world of beasts


After waking up in a different world, she was picked up by a powerful man as his wife! Shen Yiyi wants to cry, she is a weak human, will not really give him a baby? It turns out that God is really not human, but also bound her to an inhumane system, do not do the task you still have no life to live. Shen Yiyi life, but what can I do? I thought I was going to die, but who knew that this tall, handsome man would put her as a baby in his heart and spoil her ...... Want precious rabbit skin for shoes? The other tribes came to offend, beat your mother do not know. Shen Yiyi gradually moved, but how there is a knot in the heart, "We can not give birth to small children, can not bear ah!"

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