The villain's soft beauty
Author: fu ren bu yang mao
10 Chapters
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The villain's soft beauty


In the ancient times, the demons were rampant and the earth was in chaos, Nuwa's disciple Shen Yin led a rebellion against the demons, but unfortunately she lost the battle and was sealed by the gods on the Dream Weaving Island for ten thousand years. Because she had killed so much and the seal was about to be lifted, the Heavenly Emperor sent Shura King Hui Yu, who was in charge of the demon world, to escort her to the Terrace of the Fallen Immortals to erase her memory and relegate her to the mortal world to purify her hostility. And the gods never thought that they were in cahoots. On earth, Li Lu was bound by a "good deed" system The name of the system is to do good deeds, by doing good deeds to convince the villain to save him to get the world's merit value. System: I did not expect the biggest villain is my host The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The actual text of the article, the full dog blood, do not like please detour, thank you.

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