The villain's guide to blacking out in the fast wear
Author: qing jiu shu
101 Chapters
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The villain's guide to blacking out in the fast wear


Bei Yu was suddenly bound by the system one day to go to various worlds to find the soul fragments of the Lord God. [Host, our goal is to clear the blackening value, collect soul fragments, and help the villain become a law-abiding, three-good youth! ? Gangly school bully: ? Little follower, now give you two choices, be my wife or I'll be your husband. North Psi: Is there a difference? White cut black little pupil: Master, to hug! Master is not allowed to smile at others! North Psi: Please don't be cute. So, how did I become a fox in this world?! A certain prince: the king's fox who are not allowed to touch! The king can not sleep without the little fox. One morning woke up suddenly changed the body of the North You rubbed the sleepy eyes, but suddenly was covered with a quilt. "Little fox, ate the king's meat is the king's fox." # On what about having a thief floating host? # The thing about the host pretending to be a little white flower again. Ó

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