The vicious female match clenched the knife in her hand
Author: sheng tang wu ye
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The vicious female match clenched the knife in her hand


Pei Xihe struggled from the end of the struggle and up, she grew up knowing that she can not be a good person, she is smooth, flattering, see the wind, tend to avoid harm, shameless, calculating. She has a beautiful face, but not a clear, unadulterated heart to match. The people who really know her will only skim, laughing and saying, Pei Xihe ah, a shallow eyes, and all without half a cultivator's bones woman. But until she refused the marriage that was enough to get her to the sky, she was suppressed, rejected and calculated. She has a half-broken Dantian, no hope for the Golden Elixir, and a blazing flame wrapped around her body. Until she was pushed into that black abyss, this soft-boned female cultivator, pulled out her sword and cleaved her way to life with a single slash. Only then did the crowd know that no one will stand still, everything is changing, what remains unchanged is her heart that wants to rise above the sky and step on the immortal queue. A mayfly on earth, but also dare to ask the Jade King! My way is flawless, self-generated heavenly light.

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