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The ten best good children of fast wear-Chapter 96: Mother is a hundred flowers House flower girl (20)

  Ye Xiting smiled gently and soothed, "Big brother, I don't care."

  He came out to call Ye Xichuan home for dinner when he saw it was late, not expecting to hear the conversation between Ye Xuan and big brother, feeling a bit embarrassed he could only hide behind a tree.

  "In fact, Brother Ye Xuan is also thinking of big brother."

  If in his previous life, big brother could listen to Brother Winston Ye how good it would be, but unfortunately in the heart of big brother, he is too important as a younger brother, but he is a wolf heart and dog lung.

  Seeing that his little brother really didn't take it to heart, Ye Xichuan was relieved and busy changing the subject, "Ah Ting, let's go back."


  Walking aside, looking at the broad back of his big brother beside him, a soft light flooded the bottom of Ye Xiting's eyes.

  This time he took the county exams, the family bore a lot of pressure, some village gossip, they must know, but they are hidden from him, and did not give him pressure.

  He Ye Xi Ting how fortunate to have such a loving and caring family.

  -The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  The time came in the blink of an eye to the day of the county test.

  The county test is in February, and it is still cold at this time, Ye Xiting stayed in the county a day early, and his elder brother stayed with him at the inn to take care of him nearby.

  The day was still dark when the students in the inn got up.

  Ye Xiting also got up, wrapped in several layers of thick clothes and jacket, and began to check the things in the examination basket, to confirm that there are no mistakes before going out.

  The county test is first lined up in advance, proofreading the identity, singing insurance, checking the body, and seeing if there is a cheat sheet with it.

  Ye Xiting had just left the inn, although it was already crowded.

  By the time he arrived at the tribute courtyard, there was already a long line at the entrance, and Ye Xiting found four other people who were with him as bailiffs and lined up together.

  There was a hustle and bustle around, with people crowding in front and behind, Ye Xiting was in a slight trance, for a moment as if he had returned to his previous life.

  "Ah Ting, then big brother first go back." Ye Xichuan's voice woke him up in time.

  Ye Xiting nodded his head with a gentle smile: "Big brother, you go back and sleep again."

  "Good, big brother will wait for you again in the afternoon."

  Ye XiTing wanted to say that he didn't have to he could go back by himself, but Ye XiChuan had already left.

  Just when Ye Xiting wanted to withdraw his eyes, he inadvertently saw the figures of two people.

  Those two people's eyes lit up when they saw him and immediately came towards him. Ye Xiting sighed slightly, and the expression on his face was quite helpless.

  "Brother Ye, finally found you, I thought you had already gone inside the tribute courtyard."

  "Not yet, I also happen to be, you guys ...... how come you're here?"

  "Today brother Ye to participate in the county test, how can I not come to give encouragement to brother Ye, brother Ye, I believe you can definitely pass the county test this time."

  Ye Xiting dumbfounded smile, suddenly have a kind of surrounding close people than he has the feeling of confidence, think of two people early up waiting to come here specially to give him encouragement, Ye Xiting originally pretended to be cold attitude also moderate a lot: "Then it will accept brother Yao good advice."

  "And me, Mr. Ye, I think you can definitely pass too, maybe even the first place." The young girl's voice interjected softly and delicately.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  "Thank you Xiao Shu for your good advice."

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  I thought the cold face many times could scare off the Yao siblings, but they still persevered to get close to him.

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