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The ten best good children of fast wear-Chapter 86: Mother is the flower girl of Hundred Flowers House (10)

  Just when leaving the door of the room, she bumped into the stern-faced Mom of Hundred Flowers House head-on.

  "Haitang, this snowy night, where are you going?" The old biddy's face was bland.

  Haitang's face changed slightly: "Mom, Haitang wants to go out."

  "This snowy night, why do you want to go out?"

  Seeing that her mother seems to be holding on, Haitang's teeth lightly bit her lips and took out some jewelry from her purse and handed it to her: "Mother, I will return soon, please be accommodating."

  The old biddy looked relieved and weighed the jewelry in her hand, but she was a bit unimpressed: "Haitang, it's not that mom doesn't help you, but you should be in your position, if you have a trip, mom can't afford to take care of you."

  The woman's mother, who has been with the pimp for more than ten years, asked, "What does she want me to do?"

  The pimp smiled gently, seems to have a good relationship with Haitang like: "Look at what you said, it's hard not to think that mom will give you a hard time, but our Yu County's Liu likes you, I wonder if you ......"

  The side of the moon season heard the three words of Liu Shuai face suddenly changed: "Mom, Haitang sister how can do Liu Shuai's business."

  The old biddy gently swept Yueji a glance and asked rhetorically, "She does not do you do?"

  "I promise, just this once." Haitang said.


  "Sister Haitang."

  "Yueji, no need to say more."

  Yue Ji had no choice but to grit her teeth and swallow this anger, only to see this Hundred Flowers House's mother become more and more annoying, she knew that it must be this mother who was jealous of Sister Haitang.

  The woman was only thirty years young and had a girlfriend a few years ago, but she somehow fell in love with Haitang, and even though Haitang didn't respond at all, the pimp was angry.

  After that, they are always targeting Haitang.

  The girl who is with him is always scarred.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  -The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  At this time, the sky outside is still dim, snow, it seems to cover everything in heaven and earth, the most conspicuous in the white snow is the red figure, as if blooming in the winter snow red plum.

  Haitang footsteps hurried, full of thoughts on the sick son.

  Feet on the snow, leaving deep footprints, coldness also penetrated a little, but Haitang did not have time to care.

  Probably the two walked faster, and soon arrived at Shouren Hall.

  Ye Xichuan saw the woman beside his father, but that person was wearing a cloak, wearing a hood on his head, so people could not see her appearance, but he vaguely some guesses.

  Until that person came in, the hood was removed, revealing that delicate face.

  It's her, it's Aunt Mu.

  For this Aunt Mu, Ye Xichuan's understanding is not much, but Aunt Mu has known their family since he was very young, Aunt Mu is very related to his brother's affairs, and he can always sneak into Aunt Mu to sneak a look at his brother.

  Ye Xichuan also do not know why, once he told this to his parents.

  Father and mother told him to keep it a secret, do not tell Aunt Mu's existence to the younger brother, met on the road, also as not know Aunt Mu this person.

  Therefore, for so many years, Ye Xichuan will not take the initiative to ask about Aunt Mu, let alone know where she lives.

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