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The ten best good children of fast wear-Chapter 53: My father is a sanitation worker (53)

  However, with the improvement of intelligence, ordinary study was getting easier and easier for Lin Bebe.

  For this time, Qingde Middle School is very important, they are eager for Lin Bebe to win the city's top student in the examination, to give their school honor, after all, Qingde Middle School is a private school, although the teacher strength is also good, but compared to the public key middle school is still worse, so they continue Lin Bebe's good results to bring fame to Qingde Middle School, this is also the reason why they usually give Lin Bebe so many rewards This is the reason why they usually give so many rewards to Lin Beibei.

  The company's business is a good example of how the company's business can be better than its competitors.

  Before, Lin Beibei had thought about letting Lin Yong not to do sanitation workers, because Qingde Middle School said, can give Lin Yong a security position in Qingde Middle School.

  Lin Beibei is actually moved, she is also not disgusted dad Lin Yong as a sanitation worker to her shame, but think when the sanitation workers every day early morning and late night is too hard, especially when it comes to some special weather, such as high temperature heat, such as cold frost, she is still more worried about dad's body.

  But Lin Yong refused.

  For one thing, he did not feel to go to school as a security guard to his daughter disgrace, but rather that this is the school's attention to Bebe, he also want his daughter ah, want to be close to see her daughter often, but he knows Bebe then Qingde Middle School boarding study is actually quite good, she does not want to go to break such a big life.

  Second, although when the sanitation workers is hard, but Lin Yong still love this career, although it is not high wages, but it is because of this job, he was able to earn money to support themselves and Bebe after the back injury, for the sanitation workers this job, he is with special feelings.

  He is really treating it as a career, dedicated in doing.

  Lin Beibei could not resist Lin Yong, and finally agreed.


  In the two weeks before the midterm exams, it was not expected that a heavy rainstorm with high winds would come to H City.

  The heavy rainstorm made it possible for Lin Bebe, who could have gone home once every two weeks, not to go home.

  At this time, Lin Bebe was making a phone call in the communication room.

  Outside the window is the crackling rain is slapping the window, the original bright window has long been covered with a layer of water mist, become blurred, occasionally windy, the window will be faintly ringing.

  Lin Beibei's hand held the microphone, the other end of the phone is Lin Yong's voice.

  "It's okay, it's raining heavily, it's not safe to go home on the road, Beibei ah, you live in the school at ease. Waiting for the storm to pass free to come back, or find time dad can go to school to see you."

  "Okay." Lin Beibei's voice was slightly downcast.

  "Beibei ah, it's raining, the weather will turn cold, you remember to add clothes to keep warm know? Don't catch a cold."

  "Well, dad, I know."

  "Right dad, this heavy rainstorm has been raining, do you still have to work?"

  Lin Beibei is aware of the hard work of sanitation workers, many extreme weather they still have to work normally.

  "Yes, but don't worry, Daddy will be fine."

  Lin Beibei looked out the window at the pouring rain interspersed with high winds and resisted the urge to ask her father to take time off.

  She knew that even if she said it, dad wouldn't do it.

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