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The ten best good children of fast wear-Chapter 44: My father is a sanitation worker (44)

  Lin Yong saw Bebe crying, is really anxious, he has not seen Bebe crying so sad for quite a long time, he kept whispering and gently coaxing, but somehow, as if the more he coaxed, Bebe cried more and more, Lin Yong at a loss, do not know what to do.

  "Xiaoshu, why are you sitting on the ground, the ground is so dirty, get up quickly."

  "Su Shu, did you fall? Why is Bebe crying?"

  Not far away came over a few women, the one who spoke was none other than Su Shu's mother and teacher Lin Ning.

  When Su Shu saw her mother, she immediately got up from the ground as if she had seen a savior, jumped into her mother's arms and took the lead in complaining, "Mom, it's all because of that Lin Beibei, she pushed me."

  She looked at Lin Ning again, "Teacher Lin, Lin Beibei pushed me, I'm in pain."

  Su Shu's mother, Shen Man, who was actually good friends with Lin Ning, knew that her own child, Su Shu, was a bit willful, and seeing that the child she had complained about was crying, she did not immediately define it, but looked at Lin Ning.

  Lin Ning looked at Lin Bebe in Lin Yong's arms and said, "Bebe, Su Shu said you pushed her, is that true?"

  Hearing the teacher's words, Lin Yong's heart thumped, although it was that little girl who said those bad words first, but it was true that Bebe pushed that little girl, he was a little worried, worried that Bebe would leave a bad impression on the teacher.

  He was anxious to explain, but a nervous but do not know how to organize the language, the whole person at a loss.

  Lin Bebe lifted her head from Lin Yong's arms, revealing a pair of red eyes, she looked at a face at this time fierce glare at her Su Shu, said to Lin Ning teacher: "I did push her, who let her mouth is not clean. I won't allow anyone to insult my father."

  As soon as Linning heard this, she knew it wasn't that simple.

  "Bebe, Su Shu, you tell the teacher what the truth is?" Linning's expression became serious.

  "Teacher, it's better for me to tell you." The one who spoke was Shen Binbin's father, his voice was low, and he briefly and concisely said everything that had just happened.

  Soon, Lin Ning understood.

  "This matter, both Su Shu and Bebe are at fault." Lin Ning looked at Lin Bebe, "Bebe, no matter what Su Shu said, but pushing people is wrong, you should apologize to Su Shu."

  Hearing this, Su Shu's face suddenly raised a smile, she just wanted to say something, but saw Lin Ning looking at her, Su Shu wanted to say the words choked at the throat.

  "Su Shu, you also have to apologize to Bei Bei and Bei Bei's father. Any profession should be respected, and there is no difference between high and low in any profession. We study, and the first thing we should do is to understand things, not to be like the clouds, and not to be capricious and insulting."

  Su Shu's smug smile stiffened on her face, and she pulled her mother's hand next to her and whispered, "Mom, I'm not wrong, I don't want to apologize to her."

  She hated Lin Beibei, and what she said was true, Lin Beibei's father was originally a street sweeper and garbage collector.

  She didn't expect her mother, who had always loved her, to sink her face and Shen Man said, "Xiaoshu, you shouldn't have said those words, quickly apologize to Bebe's classmate and her father."

  Su Shu's eyes were wide, she didn't believe that the person who told her to apologize to her nemesis was her mother, if she was really her mother, how could she not be on her side.

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