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The ten best good children of fast wear-Chapter 20: My father is a sanitation worker (20)

  Lin Beibei gazed at the boy with a pair of big black eyes open in front of her. To be honest, she had not much memory of this tablemate, after such a long time.

  But it didn't stop her from knowing that the little tablemate was a person of great character, warm and kind.

  "I finished all of them, and I think it's not bad." Lin Beibei said.

  Shen Binbin blinked: "Really?" His cheeks puffed up slightly, "I didn't finish the last big question, bebe, you're really good."

  The reason why Shen Binbin said this is because he had seen Lin Beibei brushing with the AoM questions before, doing them quickly and getting many of them right.

  He felt that although Beibei's academic performance was not good, her ability to do OU problems was fine.

  "Pfft. Lin Bebe is great? Shen Binbin, you are really laughing, who does not know that Lin Beibei ranked at the bottom of the grades. Lin Beibei, you say big words, also not afraid to flash the tongue."

  Lin Beibei frowned slightly, turned back at the sound of the voice and met the mocking eyes of a small girl.

  The little girl had long hair, a nice braid, and a pretty shiny hair band, and to be honest, was very good looking, but her eyes ruined her beauty.

  Lin Beibei does not remember what her name is, only vaguely remember that in her last life in elementary school, it seems that there was a girl who always liked to target her.

  At that time, she also often had conflicts with this girl.

  But now ......

  Lin Beibei's heart did not have many fluctuations, much less the angry look Su Shu wanted.

  She just faintly glanced at it, then withdrew her eyes and said, "The match has already passed, the specific result will be known when it comes out."

  After saying that, she continued to look down and brush her papers.

  Su Shu had been ready to fight with Lin Bebe, but she didn't expect Lin Bebe to get angry and turn back to do her papers.

  She felt that Lin Bebe had changed over this period of time, as if she had changed as a person, but she was clearly Lin Bebe.

  To say the least, Su Shu and Lin Beibei do not have much conflict, but she just does not like Lin Beibei, because many boys and girls think Lin Beibei is prettier than her, but Su Shu thinks she is the prettiest.

  So, she got into a fight with Lin Bebe.

  Su Shu softly hummed, then wait until the results come out, but she saw, Lin Beibei exam time is not half asleep, she can test well is strange!


  When Lin Beibei came home from school, his father, Lin Yong, was not there as usual, he had gone to the evening shift, but dinner was ready.

  The familiar roast pork was on the small table, and Lin Beibei looked at the bowl of fragrant roast pork, and her eyebrows softened a bit.

  After eating, Lin Beibei cleaned up the dishes and intended to go back to the small bedroom to study.

  Turning on the light, a glance saw something shining on the desk.

  She walked over and finally slowly picked up the thing, a powder blue hairpin with butterfly wings, and the wings seemed to be brushed with a shiny powder.

  Needless to say, this must be what dad bought her.

  The memory goes back to a previous life, last life this time she, or a real eleven-year-old girl, for this kind of small hair card is like, for her, these crystal, pink jewelry, like a little princess will have something, the class of female students have, so she also want.

  Even though she knows that her dad may not have much savings, she many times still uses crying to insist that he buy them for her.

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