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The ten best good children of fast wear-Chapter 16: My father is a sanitation worker (16)

  In elementary school, she has finished the fourth grade of elementary school and passed the exam. However, AoM had only learned the third grade.

  No way, Lin Bebe's learning talent is not high, and she is not a genius, the reason she can now reach such progress in such a fast time is also because of the Learning God space, and her perseverance.


  "You have one and a half hours, this is a set of Olympiad papers, you can do it here, as long as the score can reach half, the teacher will help you to register." In the office, Teacher Lin handed a paper to Lin Beibei.

  Lin Beibei took the paper, sat down on a chair at the side and picked up a pen ......

  Lin teacher saw that Lin Beibei kept looking at the paper after picking up the pen and didn't move it, so she couldn't help but sigh.

  In fact, she was not optimistic about Lin Bebe's exam results this time.

  Last week, they had a monthly exam, but Lin Beibei's exam results were not too good.

  If you can't even learn the lessons in the textbook, how can you learn the AoM well?

  This time, the children in the class who signed up for this Olympiad competition were those who had enrolled in Olympiad classes outside themselves, and they had some Olympiad foundation, but Bebe Lin ......

  As far as she knows, Lin Beibei's family is not rich and did not take any tutoring classes or art classes outside.

  Forget about it, let this child try it, maybe try it, she ...... gave up on it.

  Just finished thinking, Mr. Lin saw Lin Beibei move his pen.

  The teacher did not think much more, she picked up the workbook next to her and began to correct it.

  Here, Lin Bebe began to do the questions.

  The first time she picked up the paper, she first habitually scanned the whole paper once.

  She saw familiar questions and also completely unfamiliar ones that she knew that she hadn't learned.

  The average big OU question examines knowledge points that combine the entire elementary school OU knowledge.

  But she had only learned the third grade of elementary school OU.

  But Lin Beibei did not want to give up.

  This test, if she could score half of the points, she would be able to register for the AoM competition in half a month, and then during the half month of waiting, she would be able to learn the rest of the AoM knowledge, and then, in the competition, she would have a fighting chance.

  These thoughts are also just a moment, Lin Bebe quickly began to answer questions ......

  Time passed a little.

  When Ms. Lin finished correcting the last workbook, she heard the sound of the alarm clock.

  Teacher Lin immediately returned to her senses.

  It was the sound of the alarm clock that she had set for one and a half hours.

  "Bebe, it's time for the exam."

  Lin Beibei nodded, put down her pen and handed the paper over.

  Teacher Lin took it, lowered her eyes to take a look, and when she saw the blanks in quite a few places on it, there wasn't much surprise in her eyes.

  As expected, there were many questions that Lin Beibei could not do.

  As for the questions that were done, probably, there are also many that were done wrong.

  Although this thought, but Mr. Lin still picked up the red pen and began to correct.

  The office is very quiet, only the sound of two people breathing, and the sound of the pen scratching on the paper.

  Lin Beibei looked at the red pen ticking on the paper, his heart couldn't help but lift up.

  "009, do you think I can get half of the score?"

  [This host will know later.]

  "...... okay."

  The wait seemed to be long and seemed to be quick.

  Not long after, Lin Bebe saw that Teacher Lin stopped his pen and began to count the scores.

  In fact, at this time, Teacher Lin was surprised.

  Because she didn't expect that Lin Beibei had gotten quite a few questions right, although most of them were multiple choice questions.

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