The ten best good children of fast wear
Author: qing qing jie geng
101 Chapters
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The ten best good children of fast wear


This is the story of a regretful child who is reborn as a good child. 009 is "ten good children system", it travels through time and space, at the cost of bad children pay double punishment, give them the opportunity to regret rebirth to make up for what they once owed people, so one by one, originally in the eyes of the public is a bad child, have become the root of the good children. Readers should know that 1: The children in this article are male and female, big and small, old and young, some have non-human, don't ask if there is a cp, some have, some don't. 2: This article is a small world of units, each small world in addition to 009, there is no connection, 009 presence is very low. 3: This article is the definition of a good boy: for parents, elders, society, the country beneficial, beneficial, loving, can make a contribution, can be reformed are good children. Not all affection to!

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