The sign-in system in hand in the era of the meticulous
Author: an xiao gui
34 Chapters
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The sign-in system in hand in the era of the meticulous


After wandering around in the new century, he returned to the age of seventeen with the sign-in system split from the main system. In this era of cloth tickets to buy cloth, meat tickets to buy meat, to be able to eat is a blessing, Xu Chunqing just want to stifle a small talent, wait for the resumption of college entrance exams to go to university, open a company, as a small boss. But this often appear in their own side of the man is what is going on, do not think you are a doctor, and handsome, and rich, amazing, hurry up and stay away from some, or really snatch you home. And you, born again, when your heroine can not, why always come to interfere with the affairs of other families, the tiger does not give off, but also really when the cat! So Xu Chunqing a power, high wealthy handsome scratch to the bowl! In a power, the heroine became cannon fodder, and her husband in one hand and a child in the other became a big winner in life!

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