The scrap material against the sky spoiled emperor consort
Author: yuan zhu
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The scrap material against the sky spoiled emperor consort


This article is a good article, sweet and abusive, welcome to the pit! She is a top assassin in M country, but once she crossed over, she was treated as a living sacrifice! The straw man? The scum of the earth? Disfigured? And she was fed to monsters? Shit! Can't stand it anymore, beat the hell out of him! The regent started to regret, the prince started to throw the olive branch, what the crown princess, the prince consort, I do not care, who are you, all stay away from me! What kind of beauty is hidden beneath the ugly skin? In the past, the girl that everyone can bully has already changed! A Kun Yu fan has sealed the throats of many people, the continent is destined to reshuffle because of her! Scene 1: A demon male: "This seat guarded like a jade for so many years, mother this is intended to eat wipe clean not to admit it ......" he is obviously strong to the sky, but at the moment pretend to be a body delicate and weak was pushed down the model, charming and pitiful let her take charge. A certain person: "roll ......" A certain demon: "Roll?" Blink, blink again, he spring flowers to smile: "Respectfully." A tug over her, began to 'roll' ...... Scene 2: "Are you sure you don't want to marry me?" "Naturally!" He sighed and said, "Actually, I think - if you don't want to marry me as the empress, it's okay for me to marry you instead. Only you have to be single-minded to me and not to fiddle with flowers outside and leave me alone." "......" Summary: As long as I do not recognize, you will never become a lonely ghost. I've been holding a lamp for you for 3,000 years, but I hope you will return soon ......

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