The return of the concubine daughter step by step
Author: tang mo jun
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The return of the concubine daughter step by step


(Words to me and to you! 1V1 empty spoiled text, the goddess dressed as a concubine girl, from then on the peak of life!) Li Yu Qiao was originally the first daughter of the Shang Shu Mansion, but was forced to become a concubine girl. After her mother was expelled from the church, her mother and daughter were exiled to the countryside, and her biological father did not care about her since then. She has not yet reached maturity, and was married off to an underling by her 'first mother', while her father looked on with indifference. ...... In order to revenge, she resolutely decided to return to the house with dirt, since then opened a step by step road ...... The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. Highlights. Li Yu Qiao looked askance at Ji Wu Ming, "Where is your high coolness? Where is your modesty?" Ji Wu Ming said cheekily, "Discipline? What the hell is that? It's been shattered all over the place! I've been cold all these years, but I was only waiting to warm you up!"

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