The post-apocalyptic rebirth of Mu Zi Xiu Xian
Author: bing la fan yu
36 Chapters
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The post-apocalyptic rebirth of Mu Zi Xiu Xian


The family was swallowed up and sold into the institute by her boyfriend and best friend, and her life was worse than death. The new life, the little white rabbit transformed into a messenger of revenge, abuse scum, fight girlfriends, holding space, awakened the full range of supernatural abilities, protect parents to protect the family, help brother in this post-apocalyptic world to establish a dawn base, from then on, blue wood Zizi in this protection of parents to protect the family to cultivate immortality on the road of prosperity never return. Just ...... A male lead: "I lack a daughter-in-law" The first thing you need to do is to get in the way of your daughter-in-law. A man: "to steal you as my daughter-in-law" Blue Muzi: ..............

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