The plan to save the sickly male master of fast wear
Author: yi zhi ning meng jiang
67 Chapters
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The plan to save the sickly male master of fast wear


The evil girl is a brick, where it is needed to move. But Qiao sweet never expected the dumb system to move her into the mission world she had been in. The system is questioning my acting skills? This kind of low-level script will not need to be repainted. The system: pro, your acting skills are too much to sell, so please pro be a licking dog and touch the male lead with love. She began to comply with the system rules, and then after losing contact with the system she freely played rough acting skills, stifling a big death. The main reason for this is that it is not a good idea to have a good time. So, is it too late to play a heartfelt sister? World 1: Sickly hearted three princes x sand carving kindness warm hearted big palace maid World two: smart and arrogant president x photo black hole paparazzi captain World three: crippled cold-hearted star lord x five incompetent mermaid singer World 4: post-apocalyptic blackened sad scientist x ardent citizen who walks the world in a pan World V: Cultivation of the immortal world scum against the big brother x paddling and fishing false cool master World six: e-sports professional lonely god player x on the score such as the slippery slope of the road player

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