The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames
Author: bing tang shi zi tou
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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames


The owner of the first building under the sky, Yun Su, a culinary masterpiece, no one knows in the Chinese dynasty no one knows. In order to satisfy his appetite, the emperor had to personally visit his door every day. Once she crossed over, Yun Su became a poor wretch with no father and no mother and a family of four walls. Faced with a dilemma, she returned to her old business and set up a food stall. A bowl of scallion noodles eighteen yuan. A fried rice noodle thirty-eight yuan A plate of fried rice with egg is fifty-eight yuan. ...... Limited to twenty copies per day. ** Crowd of diners: "What kind of food can you make with this young little girl, this offer you might as well go grab, and also engage in hunger marketing? Absolutely one copy can not be sold!" Later, they just want to say. "Boss, please do not limit the number of ah!" "Boss after eating the dishes you make, I can no longer eat the dishes made by others." ** After participating in the food competition, the biological parents came to the door. Yun Su transformed into a thousand-year-old lady who owns a number of hotel chains, with a brother on top. There is also a handsome and super clingy fiancé. ** "Susu, I didn't expect you to be my fiancée who has been lost since childhood, we are really destined to be together." "Susu, are you working on any new dishes? Can you let me try it?" "Susu, I'm hungry, I want to eat the spicy beef noodles you made with your own hands." "Susu, don't you like gold bars, this box of gold bars is my birthday present to you, why don't you want it?" "Su Su, Su Su ......" Yun Su was his noisy head are big, hand shaking, slightly red beef noodle bowl then only see the chili pepper see not meet. The next day, Yun Su's ears were finally quiet for a short time. Passionate about making money little chef god x only sticky Yun Su's sticky spirit

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