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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Yun Su appears with a special fragrance

  With their current friendship, I wonder if Yun Su is willing to tell him where that water came from.

  If Yun Su is not willing to tell himself where that water comes from, he can drink the river water, but of course this time he will purify the river water before drinking it, hoping that the purified river water will not lose its efficacy.

  Because the eggs had been soaked, the next day, Yun Su could only continue to get up early.

  Strangely enough, she had such a long diarrhea yesterday, but today, as usual, she did not feel deflated.

  Because of Yun Su's diarrhea yesterday, Lei Yunsheng was too embarrassed to disturb her, and because he desperately wanted to know where the water came from, Lei Yunsheng did not sleep all night.

  Knowing that the cure is right in front of him, but he can't know the answer, this feeling is really very unbearable.

  Yun Su was busy in the kitchen, and when she saw Lei Yunsheng and looked outside at the still dark sky, she felt strange.

  "Why are you up so early?"

  Lei Yunsheng helped her transfer the eggs together, becoming a bit overwhelmed by what he wanted to ask next.

  I don't know if she knows the magic of the water she brought, and I don't know if she will tell herself.

  After building himself up for a while, Lei Yunsheng then asked, "Did you buy the water from outside?"

  Yun Su put the eggs in place and fixed the pot with a tool to prevent the eggs from rolling down due to the shaking of the car.

  "No, it's the mountain spring water from my house, why?"

  Lei Yunsheng did not intend to hide it from her and said directly, "After I drink that water, I will regain my sense of smell and taste, and I want to ask you if I can go get some back."

  "Yes." Yun Su said casually, but Lei Yunsheng got embarrassed.

  He thought Yun Su would refuse, and also thought she would agree, but did not expect her to agree without hesitation.

  "Are you really not going to think about it anymore?" Such a magical thing, if you take it out to sell, just one bite should be able to sell a lot of money.

  Yun Su twisted her head and looked at him in disbelief, "What else do you need to consider?"

  In the original Yun Su's memory, she was drinking mountain spring water when she was small, so many years have passed, the mountain spring water has not become less, is completely inexhaustible.

  She consumed a lot of water to wash eggs before, but the spring water was not less.

  If the spring water is limited, she would really consider it.

  Besides, in addition to being her friend, Lei Yunsheng is also her boss.

  Even if it is not for the sake of friends, for the boss for the sake of money, she should not be stingy a little water!

  Just when Lei Yunsheng was ready to say something is when, only to hear Yun Su said: "I had wanted to use the mountain spring water to try to cure your disease."

  "Also want to discuss with you, can you divert the mountain spring water over, so that I do not have to go around the road every day to get water."

  Lei Yunsheng looked at Yun Su, who at the moment seemed to be surrounded by a lingering golden light, flashing him a bit shaky.

  "I ......" he had not finished, Yun Su had already gotten on the tricycle, "I'll go first, if you have time, see how you can divert the mountain spring water over."

  Said, without looking back, rode the tricycle dash away.

  Lei Yunsheng shook his head and lost his smile, this girl looks silly, but in reality is very shrewd, but now how to him not at all defensive.

  The matter has been resolved, the pressure instantly dissipated.

  The time is still early, plus a night without sleep, Lei Yunsheng yawned, returned to the room, with a smile on his face to sleep.

  His illness is close to being completely cured, and he finally has no stress at all.

  Yun Su rode to the entrance of the neighborhood and greeted as usual.

  "Good morning, security brother." After saying that, she threw a few eggs over.

  The security guard caught them with quick eyes and hands, "Good morning."

  The two were considered old acquaintances.

  When Yun Su first arrived, it was this little brother that she met.

  When she went home by herself on the first day, she was stopped by this little brother.

  The security guard knew that Yun Su was brought back from the innermost family, but she didn't have a door card, so he could only follow the rules.

  She did not have a door card, and if she wanted to go in, she could only be let in if he called the owner, who knew her and agreed to her entry.

  Only Yun Su forgot that the house is not Lei Yunsheng's, and the owner is naturally not Lei Yunsheng's name.

  So when the security guy looked up the registration information and called, the opposite side didn't even know that Yun Su was living here.

  The security guy told her that she could call the person who lives here now and ask him to come and pick her up.

  Yun Su's phone hadn't been used much since she bought it, and she didn't remember that she had Lei Yunsheng's phone number at all.

  In response, the security guy didn't give her a hard time, but told her to wait at the door and personally went inside to find Lei Yunsheng.

  The company also called a friend, and she was able to come in and get her door card done.

  In order to thank each other, Yunsu would give some eggs to her little brother every day when she walked away from here.

  The two became familiar with each other over time.

  "You get up so early every day, aren't you sleepy?"

  Yun Su patted the car, "not sleepy when you have money to earn, I'll go first ha, back to chat."

  Can be in the Jade Garden as a security guard, are some body hands in the body, but some body hands generally have old diseases.

  Usually okay, when it is cloudy and rainy, it hurts.

  Recently, the weather is very hot, but every evening, it will rain for a while.

  The sky, which was originally sunny, would instantly become gloomy.

  The rain stopped, but the pain was still there.

  But the strange thing is, since eating Yun Su's eggs, when it rains, Wu Yi Yang can't feel the pain anymore.

  Seeing that Yun Su had already started the car, Wu Yi Yang hurriedly called out to her, "Wait, is that egg made with any herbs?"

  Yun Su twisted his head, the other party also seemed to know the special thing about the egg, only he didn't know that it was because of the mountain spring water.

  The less people knew about this, the better.

  She smiled and followed his words, "Yes, what's wrong?"

  Wu Yi Yang looked at her adoringly, "I didn't expect you to know how to do medicine."

  Yun Su was a little embarrassed, she didn't know how to do medicine, she just said that because she didn't want to reveal her secret.

  Yun Su smiled and did not say anything, Wu Yi Yang is not embarrassed, then said: "After eating your egg, my injury for many years surprisingly does not hurt anymore."

  "Can you sell me some of your eggs, so I can give my brothers a taste, and also heal their injuries, you know we practice martial arts, injuries are more."

  Yun Su nodded, "No problem, we are so familiar, I will give you a discount, two dollars an egg."

  Can do security here are not simple, especially the salary is very much, a little egg money is nothing to him.

  Wu Yi Yang put the eggs back into the security room, because it is now working hours, can only wait until the end of the day and then call his good brothers.

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