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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-What are you doing?

  Lei Yunsheng glared at her, his face a little cold, "Can't you see that others haven't sat down yet? When did you become so rude."

  Lei Yundu froze for a moment and immediately apologized with a very sincere attitude, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it's just that this fish smells so good." So fragrant that she forgot all her usual upbringing.

  Saying that, she also looked at the bowl containing the fish and swallowed her saliva.

  Lei Yunsheng and Lei Yunduo's voices were not loud, Yun Su and He Beichen were chatting happily over at the operating table, and they both didn't pay attention to what was said over here.

  When they came over, they looked at the three unknowingly.

  Yun Su: "What are you guys doing?"

  Lei Yunsheng did not speak, Lei Yunduo lowered his head as if he had done something wrong, or Li Hai Hai: "We are waiting for you."

  Yun Su laughed and teased, "It's really hard for you not to jump into the bowl."

  Usually as soon as the food is served, those two people would like to bury their whole body into the food, but now after two more people, they are reserved.

  Yun Su looked at Lei Yundu, this is?

  Secretary is considered an old acquaintance, but this girl ...... is it Li Hai's girlfriend?

  Li Hai is also the, also not to introduce the introduction.

  She narrowed her eyes, smiling at Li Hai, the meaning as if to say, Yo ~ not to introduce the introduction?

  Li Hai felt his body sweat hairs are erected, she that expression what is the meaning? Why does it look strange?

  Li Hai looked at Yun Su, in the end what is the meaning?

  Two people in that dumb riddle, finally or Lei Yunduo secretly tugged Lei Yunsheng's arm, said softly: "Brother, introduce ah."

  Lei Yunsheng moved away from the line of sight that fell on Li Hai, and rolled his eyes as he was leaving.

  Eyes looking at Yun Su kept blinking again and again, "This is my sister."

  After saying that, Lei Yunduo an arrow step forward, grabbed Yun Su fell aside arm shake, "Hello, my name is Lei Yunduo, you can call me Doudou, what is your name ah?"

  Uh, Yun Su froze, this girl can be really enthusiastic, "Hello, my name is Yun Su."

  "Yun Su, then I'll call you Su Su, right?"

  Yun Su smiled, was about to say you call it whatever you want, but heard Lei Yunsheng shouted, "Call Yun Su." Susu what Susu?

  Lei Yunduo is not afraid of him at all, "Su Su sounds more affectionate."

  Seeing his brother's gradually gloomy face, Lei Yunduo flattened his mouth, "Well, Yun Su."

  After saying that, she began to chatter again non-stop, "Yun Su how old are you this year, why do you cook so fragrant, is there any trick?"

  Yun Jia's brother's cooking also smells good.

  When she was losing weight before, Yun Jia's brother kept making her her favorite dishes in order to tease her, and she was able to hold back every time.

  But now, I don't know what's going on, just smelling this smell, her defenses have all collapsed.

  "I'm eighteen years old and I cook so well, probably because I'm gifted, the trick is to like to cook, does it count every time I cook with my heart?" Only with the heart can you make something delicious.

  Lei Yundu froze, she thought Yun Su just looked smaller, did not expect her to really be smaller than herself.

  When Lei Yundu wanted to continue to say something, Li Hai couldn't resist, "Why don't we eat first? If we don't eat this food will get cold, let's talk after eating?"

  The crowd nodded, "Well, let's eat first."

  Lei Yunduo thought he would see the image of his brother and Yun Su feeding each other, who knew that not only did he not see this image, but even the distance between the two of them was very far away.

  At this point, an idea suddenly appeared in Lei Yundu's mind, they can't be just meal friends, right?

  Moreover, looking at the way the two of them get along, it seems like they are not too familiar with each other, could it be that they misunderstood?

  ---The two of them are getting along.

  Today there are a lot of people, and it's more trouble to bring rice back and forth.

  Li Hai directly brought the rice cooker to the table, and when the pot just arrived on the table, I heard Lei Yunduo ask, "Yun Su you and my brother, what is the relationship?"

  The moment this question came out, Lei Yunsheng froze for two seconds, and his hand on the table slipped under the table.

  The hand resting on his body kept stirring, lowering his head as if he didn't care, but the redness on his ears and the eyes that kept blinking betrayed him.

  I wonder how Yun Su will introduce their relationship? Is it friends, landlord and tenant, or ......

  He thought of multiple possibilities, but never thought Yun Su would say, "It's an employment relationship, Lei Yunsheng is the boss, I'm just a cook."

  Lei Yunsheng's mood instantly lost, lost what he did not know, anyway, is a little unhappy.

  Lei Yunduo flattened his mouth, "Okay."

  It seems that she really thought too much, the two of them pressed nothing at all.

  But it's so easy to meet someone who can eat her cooking, she can't let this person run away.

  Even if she can't become her sister-in-law, her eyes fell on Li Hai and quickly retracted.

  Even if she can't become her sister-in-law, she must become her sister.

  I wonder if there is anyone else in her family, should she hold a family recognition ceremony?

  Of course these she is only thinking in her mind, at present she will never reveal her thoughts.

  The first thing you can do is make a good relationship, and then you can do whatever you want.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  He hit her lightly, it didn't hurt at all.


  At this time, He Bei Chen, who had been quiet for a while, said, "Miss has been safely delivered, I should also go back."

  Lei Yunduo: "Secretary He, although your mission has been completed, but it's so late now, eat first before leaving."

  And mom said to find brother to come after, from the boarding He Secretary has been with her, she did not eat He Secretary also did not eat, dutiful.

  Let people go back on a hungry stomach. This thing she can not do out.

  He Beichen was going to refuse, then heard Lei Yunsheng said: "Not bad for this time, stay and eat before leaving."

  Everyone was seated and finally could start eating, Li Hai could not wait for a long time.

  Today, Lei Yunsheng had something on his mind, and in the face of the red and appetizing fish, he was not as impatient as usual.

  Li Hai opened the rice cooker, can not help but give a thumbs up, today's rice is really great.

  Lei Yunsheng looked over, the rice did not turn over to the same online, but also considered another kind of turn over, he steamed too much rice, so much rice stuck to the lid of the pot.

  After Li Hai served rice to everyone, and then scraped all the rice in the lid to the rice cooker.

  Because the chatting time is too long, the top layer of oil has a layer of oil skin.

  After everyone moved their chopsticks, the oil skin instantly disappeared.

  Li Hai picked up a piece of fish, white fish attached to the fish skin, red oil down the fish.

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