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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Too late after all

  The cooked eggs can be kept at room temperature for two days at most, but she won't save them for tomorrow.

  What she sells to diners must be the freshest.

  In two or three hours, there will be traffic jams, and she won't have to worry about selling her eggs until the traffic jam.

  However, she really did not want to experience the feeling of traffic jams again.

  After thinking about it, Yun Su got on her car and rode around with her eggs.

  As she rode, she arrived at a place where cars were parked on the side of the road.

  In the intersection inside the car, there were various stalls on the roadside.

  Yun Su rode in and stopped in an empty space.

  After a while, there were more and more people.

  There were riding a tricycle than her tricycle, but also two turns smaller than the tricycle came in, there are also riding a two-wheeled bike, walking.

  Yun Su smiled, she guessed right!

  There are so many stalls here, which means there is business.

  Those vendors are very lazy, indicating that the lively time has passed, or has not yet begun.

  But there are so many cars on the roadside, it is very likely that it has not started.

  Yun Su opened the lid of the pot on the car, and the rich fragrance wafted into the nostrils of everyone present through the breeze.

  The vendor closest to Yun Su couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

  They have been setting up a stall here for some time, because this side is a school and the children are more voracious eaters.

  What they sell here are, fried skewers, sugar paintings, malt candy and so on, and some barbecue, but for such a long time, have not smelled such a fragrant aroma ah.

  Some vendors couldn't resist and came to Yun Su's stall, "Sister, how do you sell these eggs?"

  Yun Su only wanted to sell all the eggs early so she could go home early.

  If she went home late, she would have to meet the traffic jam again.

  She now knows why there are so many hawkers here, because on the wall in front of her, the word school is written.

  Most of the people who pick up children are housewives, or grandparents of children, most of whom do not earn money.

  If she sells expensive, the eggs may not be sold out in time before the traffic jam.

  Yun Su thought for a moment before speaking, "Two dollars a piece."

  Yun Su's heart was dripping blood, after selling eggs for so long, she had never sold them at such a low price, and this was the first time.

  At the same time, it was also the last time, from now on she must sleep on time, go to bed early and get up early!

  Who knew that when she finished, the other party replied, "So expensive? Usually tea eggs are one dollar a piece, why are you selling them for two dollars a piece?"

  Originally sold at a bargain, the other party did not appreciate even if, but also said that she sold eggs expensive.

  In addition to eggs, her tea, her labor does not cost money?

  Other people make a bunch of eggs with a little tea, or else it is very cheap tea, simply can not eat the fragrance of tea.

  And she used the mountain spring water, although she reduced the amount, but the value of that water is definitely more than two dollars!

  Less money Yun Su was in a bad mood, she was just about to retort, and suddenly saw an old acquaintance.

  Apparently, the old acquaintance also saw her.

  Wu Zhuang Ya's family lives in this neighborhood, she will come to pick up her son from school every day, this side of the school kindergarten elementary school secondary school are in a campus, the future of the child's school words are also very convenient.

  She did not expect to run into Yun Su today, she smiled and went up, "Why are you here?"

  These days because of Yun Su's eggs, her son's leg has almost healed.

  When she saw Yun Su, she was thankful from the bottom of her heart.

  Yun Su scratched her head in embarrassment, "I got up late today, and when I arrived, the diners were not there, so I went around."

  Wu Zhuang Ya nodded, Sister Qian really didn't buy eggs today.

  Because Qian Lin was the boss herself, she didn't have to rush to work like other office workers. She didn't know why Yun Su didn't show up on time today, probably because of the traffic jam on the road, or maybe because there were some things to take care of.

  In case she missed it, she purposely waited for a long time, but as a result, Yun Su still did not appear, and she could only return empty-handed.

  Wu Zhuang Ya nodded and took out her phone and aimed at Yun Su's QR code.

  Seeing this, Yun Su hurriedly covered the QR code, "No, I'll send you."

  People have helped her, how can she take money.

  The eggs were not expensive, but it was just a bit of trouble to make them.

  However, she has a lot of eggs to make, so just think of it as a passing thing to do while making these eggs.

  Wu Zhuang Ya sighed, how could this child be so honest, she had already given herself many eggs before.

  "If you don't take money, I won't come next time."

  Before she was afraid that something like this would happen, that's why she always asked Qianlin for help.

  Today Qianlin didn't buy any, she happened to meet the egg boss, so she bought some eggs, kept some for herself, and sent some over to Qianlin just in time.

  It turned out that the boss didn't take money.

  "Well, then you give it, but, today the eggs two dollars a piece, you do not give more."

  Just as Yun Su finished speaking, she heard Wu Zhuang Ya say, "Why is it so cheap?"

  The next vendor was dumbfounded, "two dollars a tea egg is still cheap? Other people's tea eggs are only one dollar a piece."

  Originally this egg Wu Zhuang Ya also think expensive, but after seeing its special features, she really feel not expensive.

  Especially, now the price has even been reduced.

  "Well, sell them early and go home early, I don't want to get stuck in traffic."

  "Good." Wu Zhuang Ya smiled and answered.

  The children will be out of school in a while, and when the children are almost gone, the working people should also get off work one after another, it is indeed easier to traffic jam.

  When Wu Zhuang Ya scanned the code, Yun Su reminded, "Today is not limited." The early sell out early home.

  Wu Zhuang Ya's eyes lit up, not to mention the price reduction, but also not limited to purchase?

  This month she had good luck, sold several big brand phones, and her salary was much more than usual.

  It was just as well that today she could buy more eggs, give some to Qianlin, and then bring a little to her neighbors' uncles and aunts by the way.

  The aunts and uncles ate these eggs before and also let their own children go to buy them.

  Wu Zhuang Ya reminded them to go early and they did do what Wu Zhuang Ya said.

  But because the eggs were too hot, they still didn't buy them.

  The vendor next to them, who was still watching, saw Wu Zhuang Ya buy so many eggs and had only one thought in his mind, "You're a trust, right?"

  Wu Zhuang Ya carried the eggs and rolled her eyes for the first time in her life, "Have you ever seen a peddler selling eggs?"

  "This is not an expensive thing, but also to hire a trust, if I really trust, this has to sell how many eggs to return the capital ah."

  The vendor froze, and that was indeed the truth.

  The eggs were a little more expensive than others, but they smelled really good, and at two dollars, he could afford them.

  He took out two dollars, "Boss, give me one first."

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