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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Tastes like chewing wax

  Compared to the old car, the new car looks much more comforting.

  It is smaller than the four-wheeled food truck, than the need for human power to ride some large.

  Introduced by the boss, this is an electric tricycle.

  Now show her this is the latest model, the car has a rain shelter, the length of the rain shelter up to the front.

  If it rains, not only the things on the car will not be rained on, is the driver can also be well protected.

  Can open the door where there is a plate, the length of the plate open can be put directly on the ground.

  After putting things in a stable container, you can directly put it on the board to slide down, very labor-saving and time-saving.

  And the car is still electric, she does not need to ride their own manpower.

  It is a little more expensive, but in the range of Yun Su accepted.

  Yun Su buy things very quickly, look at it and buy.

  The original Yun Su can ride a bike, but never ride an electric bike.

  She was familiar with the car practice in the store, pushing her cart with the help of the board to the newly purchased car, and left the store in style.

  Today, in addition to buying a car, she has another important thing to do.

  That is, she has to rent a house to live.

  Today, the road met so many people, there is no guarantee that someone already knows the address of her home.

  Although her thatched roof is not very good, but also relatively simple, but better than the remote and hidden.

  Anyone passing by there, will not think there are people living inside, which greatly ensures her safety.

  Previously, when no one knew, it was okay to live.

  Now after being known, living is really a bit unsafe.

  Even though she has the courage and strategy, but if too many people come, she can not stand ah.

  Although she has no money, her face is not very good now, only one life.

  But she also has a good cooking skills, if she was caught as a cook, then she can really call the day not to call the ground.

  So, she'd better rent a house early.

  In front of the possibility of losing her freedom, Yun Su forgot that whether it was in the Chinese dynasty, or in the country of China randomly arresting people would be illegal.

  Originally, I wanted to wait to save enough money before renting a house, but I never thought there would be such a big accident.

  Hey, sometimes too good at cooking is also a kind of trouble.

  After having an electric car, the efficiency of the work is much higher.

  Half a day passed, Yun Su looked at several places in a row are not satisfied.

  It doesn't matter if the place is remote, then remote can have her thatched roof remote?

  But those houses are either too expensive, or the place is too small.

  If she lives alone, a small place is not a problem.

  But she also has to put ingredients and cooking utensils, and, in the house to cook, so many ingredients, need a lot of space.

  Just bought a car, excluding the stall to use the cookware ingredients, and business licenses and all kinds of documents, so down, she used to rent a room is not much money.

  And most of the house, you have to pay a lump sum of several months of rent, which for her now, it is really a little difficult.

  Moreover, she can't buy those ingredients and put them in the car first, right? What if someone steals them?

  Yun Su sat on the tricycle, looking at her balance and worrying.

  Just at this moment, a familiar voice sounded above Yun Su's head.

  "What are you doing here?"

  Yun Su raised her head and found that it was the friend she met yesterday, she pulled the corner of her mouth feebly, "I'm renting a house."

  "Renting a house?" Did she finally figure out that she wanted to move? That place is really not suitable for a girl to live.

  Lei Yunsheng had spent the day yesterday too happily, although he forgot to visit the branch, he ate all day, and his stomach was satisfied in a way that no amount of money earned could make up for.

  Today when he found himself unable to eat again, Lei Yunsheng decided to come to Yun Su.

  He ate a lot yesterday and he was much more comfortable, so this time he didn't call Li Hai, but drove himself to find Yun Su.

  He went to Yun Su's house and found that she was not at home. He searched around the house, not to mention the eggs, even the eggshells were not there.

  He knew that Yun Su had gone to sell eggs again.

  Lei Yunsheng followed the same route as yesterday and went to the subway station to look for Yunsu.

  Today was a working day and there was some traffic.

  When he arrived, not to mention Yun Su, even the customers who bought eggs were not there.

  He was powerless to hold his forehead, and went to the vegetable market.

  As a result, he didn't see her either, so he wandered aimlessly on the road.

  Suddenly, a familiar scent drifted into the nose, Lei Yunsheng smelled the scent and finally found her.

  Don't ask Lei Yunsheng why he didn't call Yunsu, but wasted so much time coming back and forth to find.

  He just wanted to say that he called, and not only played a, even WeChat phone he played several, but Yun Su just did not answer.

  What can he do about it? In order not to let himself go hungry, he can only look back and forth.

  A posture sitting for a long time legs a little numb, Yun Su changed a posture.

  "Yes, the address of my house is known by many people, I am afraid that others will kidnap me to become a cook, so I have to find the house as soon as possible to do so."

  Listening to Yun Su's words, Lei Yunsheng froze.

  Being known the address, this words should not be said to himself, right?

  Because he knew her address, so she was moving?

  Soon, he dismissed his thoughts.

  She said a lot of people, Li Hai and himself know her home address, the two of them, not counting a lot of people ...... right?

  Then the words should not be talking about themselves, right?

  After thinking about it, Lei Yunsheng then asked, "Then you found the house?"

  Speaking of this, Yun Su's voice became more and more feeble, "No."

  If she had found a house, would she still be here depressed?

  It is not to find a house, he will meet her here, okay?

  In fact, when the words were spoken, Lei Yunsheng already regretted it.

  If she had found a house, she would still be so listless?

  He opened his mouth, but finally said nothing.

  He stood by obediently, waiting for Yun Su to dislike him, and after waiting for a while, he didn't hear Yun Su's voice.

  Lei Yunsheng kind of want to laugh, this is depressed even people do not want to dislike.

  "What kind of house do you want to find, tell us? I know a lot of friends over here, maybe I can help you."

  When Yun Su heard this, her eyes lit up and she said all her requirements.

  If this were in the past, she would not have worried about the house.

  Not to mention the land given to her by the emperor, just say her own money, that is also want to buy which piece of first land can buy which piece of land, simply do not need to worry about money.

  Hey, the money thing, a long way to go.

  Lei Yunsheng nodded, "is indeed more difficult to find, but I do know a house very much in line with your requirements, and the environment is very good, how about, want to go and see?"

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