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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-So nervous ah

  Chop the fish head in the middle and divide it into smaller pieces.

  Put the fish bones and the head in a bowl, and the fish meat and the fish foam in a bowl.

  Add salt to the fish, a spoonful of white wine to remove fishy, some shredded ginger, half an egg white, two spoons of corn starch and mix well with chopsticks to make the fish fillets more sticky.

  Putting white wine can better deodorize the fish.

  The same seasoning, pour into the bowl with the fish bones and head.

  Only this time, instead of adding cornstarch, just stir well with chopsticks.

  After the best of these, it's time for the most important step, which is to prepare the seasoning needed to make the fish.

  If the seasoning is not good, then the fish will taste much worse.

  All chopped onion, ginger and garlic, chili pepper cut into small pieces, put aside, chili pepper and pepper must be more, or will not be enough fragrance.

  After all the things are ready, there is still a very important thing did not get, that is, the side dishes.

  Spicy fish is essential to the fish, but vegetables can not be missing.

  Yun Su ran to the vegetable garden and picked some green vegetables.

  As Yun Su passed by Lei Yunsheng, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated again.

  He stroked up his heart and tried to calm his heartbeat.

  After Yun Su washed the vegetables, she looked at the time to make sure it was about the same time as Li Hai's return, and then she opened the fire.

  When the oil is hot, put in the ingredients you prepared before, and then put in two spoons of bean paste.

  Before doing this step, Yun Su was fully armed and wrapped herself up tightly.

  Although the family has a high-powered hood, but she still do not trust the body now.

  Through the last time she can remember, now the body is not her previous body, facing the chili pepper did not feel at all.

  The current body is a kitchen boy by her standards, and can't stand the choking bit of chili.

  After all the ingredients have been fried, warm water is poured into the pot.

  Because she does not like to eat a lot of seasonings when eating fish, so wait for the water to boil, she fished out all the ingredients before the dregs, and then put in the not so well cooked fish head, and fish bones.

  While waiting for the fish heads and bones to cook, Yun Su didn't stay idle.

  She took out a new pot and put water, a little cooking salt and cooking oil in it.

  After the water boiled, the vegetables that were washed before were put in.

  The vegetables were cooked in water instead of the spicy fish soup, so as to avoid the vegetables absorbing more spicy flavor and eating unpleasantly.

  After the vegetables are cooked, lay them flat on the bottom of the bowl and wait for the fish head and bones to be ready.

  Continue heating the spicy sauce and put in the previously marinated fish slices and fish bubbles.

  When the fish turns white, it is ready to be served.

  Yun Su put the fish on, put the sesame seeds, chopped onion, garlic and chili segments and pepper.

  After that, take another pot, pour the right amount of oil in the pot, and when there is some smoke on the side of the pot, turn off the heat and pour the oil on the chili segments and peppers.

  Zhi la la, the kitchen is full of fragrance.

  Yun Su put the fish on the table and went back to the operating table to clean up when footsteps came from outside the door.

  Only, not only Li Hai appeared, there are two unknown people.

  The girl looked familiar, and looked a bit similar to Lei Yunsheng.

  Li Hai went straight to the dining table and took several deep breaths when he saw the bowl of fish on the table.

  He came back just in time to have such fragrant food waiting for him.

  Lei Yundu also smelled the fragrance and her brain overcame her cravings.

  She sized up Yun Su in front of the operating table.

  This little girl looked younger than her, and looked much more innocent compared to some of the sultry bitches.

  Most importantly, her brother could eat the rice she made!

  She stood so far away can smell the fragrance, what in the end this cooked, how so fragrant.

  At this moment she has forgotten that her brother is still watching her from the side.

  When Lei Yunsheng saw Lei Yundu, he instantly felt his head was too big.

  He glared at Li Hai, "Why did you bring her here?"

  Li Hai stretched his hands, "Eldest Miss's orders, I dare not disobey."

  Lei Yunsheng gave Li Hai a white look, "I'll settle the score with you later!"

  Lei Yunduo took two steps forward to see what smelled so good, but a figure was even faster than her.

  Only to see the secretary He Beichen stepped forward and said excitedly, "It's you? How come you are here?"

  Isn't this the person who left herself behind that day, when she gave herself a few eggs, which he didn't have time to put on his eyes, and broke them when he got up.

  Yun Su looked around and found that the man was looking at himself, she stretched out a finger and pointed at herself uncertainly, "You know me?"

  There were no tears or snot on He Beichen's face now, so Yun Su didn't recognize it for a moment.

  He Beichen froze, he thought he was not ordinary looking and was sure he was considered a handsome man, how come he was now a popular face and she couldn't even recognize him.

  He explained what happened before, and Yun Su instantly remembered.

  "You are the unscrupulous boss let overtime, no time to spend with his girlfriend, and then his girlfriend ran away with someone else ah, how, you are now a little better?"

  When these words came out, the air froze.

  She really can't mention which pot, especially now in addition to his boss's son and daughter, there is a boss family's beloved.

  He Beichen smiled awkwardly, "Ahem, that's all in the past, now my heart only work, I love work, work makes me happy, a day without work is unbearable."

  There is no doubt that these words were said to Lei Yunsheng and Lei Yunduo, but in addition to him and Yun Su, those few people have long run to the table.

  Lei Yundu looked at the red soup, smelled the room full of chili pepper fragrance kept swallowing saliva, so fragrant, why does it smell so good, she reached out her hand to take chopsticks to taste, but a voice in her head stopped her.

  "This thing is so oily, you are still on a diet, you can't eat such greasy and spicy food."

  Soon another voice came out to retort, "How can you have the strength to lose weight if you don't eat enough? The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a little bit of the same.

  "The actual fact is that you can't eat, you can't eat, you'll lose your work."

  "Just eat, eat, eat!"

  "Do not let eat do not let eat, doudou think about your weight, look at your double chin."

  "Doduo eat, this is fish eat not fat."

  Lei Yunduo shook her head and shook the little man in her head away.

  She licked her lips, it's okay to eat just a little bit, right?

  This fish is really too fragrant, she really can't hold on.

  The big deal, the big deal, she ate a little less, after eating to go running always okay?

  Lei Yunduo picked up the chopsticks, the chopsticks just touched the fish, and before she could pick it up, she was hit by someone.

  Lei Yunduo rubbed his hand, looked at Lei Yunsheng beamed up, "Brother, what are you doing?"

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