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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-One Fish, Four Eats (II)

  The thin fish skin instantly curled up when it touched the hot oil, but the fins didn't change much, so Yun Su fished out the fish skin in no time.

  She put the fish skin and fins on a plate and sprinkled a little green onion on it for garnish, the fish skin and fins were already golden and looked more attractive at the moment.

  She put the plate aside and instructed the two men, "Take this to the table, wash your hands, and get ready for dinner."

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai, wiping the already gluttonous, mouth-watering mouth, grabbed forward, both wanting to end that plate of fish skin.

  Yun Su, who was preparing to fry fish pieces, saw this and sank his voice, "Whoever grabs again, will not be allowed to eat later!"

  The words fell, the two immediately restored harmony.

  Two people also brother and brother modesty up, and finally one person carrying one side of the plate, carefully and gently put the plate on the table.

  The two sat down next to each other, hands on the table, eyes unblinkingly staring at the fish skin.

  Li Hai said while gulping saliva, "I never eat fish skin, but somehow, once this fish skin is out of the pot, I can't stop this saliva."

  "I can't even open my mouth to talk now, and when I open my mouth, this saliva can flow out." Said, he also sucked in the saliva running out of his mouth.

  In the past, when he ate fish skin, he only felt nauseous and wanted to vomit.

  That day when eating fish hot pot, the fish skin with the fish flesh is very small, eaten without feeling anything, so he ate a lot of fish skin also did not feel sick.

  But this time the fish skin is so big, he actually drooled.

  Lei Yunsheng nodded in agreement, "I did not eat fish skin when I was a child, but I also ate a lot yesterday."

  "So, we do not eat fish skin, not blame the fish, nor us, because the chef does not taste good!"

  Li Hai sucked up the saliva that was about to flow out, "Yes."

  Two people are over here muttering about the fish skin, over there Yun Su has fried sweet and sour fish pieces.

  In order to make the fish pieces look good in color, Yun Su used to crush the tomatoes and boil them into a sauce when frying the fish pieces.

  After coming to China, when she saw the ready-made tomato sauce, she bought a bottle without saying a word.

  The tomato sauce is very good, but it is more time consuming, before is no condition, everything must be done by themselves, now there are ready-made, do not use for nothing.

  When she tasted the ketchup and made it herself, she immediately went back and bought two more bottles.

  This time, she brought all the condiments and cooking utensils that she bought with her.

  I thought I could use a large pot here, but I realized after I arrived that the stoves were too small to fit her large pots and pans.

  However, those small pots are also very good, although different from her pots in the Chinese dynasty, but, she can turn the spoon.

  She always felt something was missing when she couldn't turn the spoon in the big pot those days.

  After being able to turn the spoon, she immediately felt complete.

  Yun Su poured a few drops of oil from the fish fry into the empty pot, then the tomato sauce was poured into the pot, then she turned on the heat and stir-fried slowly over low heat.

  After the tomato sauce bubbled a bit, she put some vinegar and sugar in it, the vinegar and sugar fully integrated with the tomato sauce, so that the color of the tomato sauce is darker, and then put the fried fish pieces into it.

  The golden fish wrapped in the red sauce makes people's fingers tingle and their mouths unconsciously start to secrete saliva.

  Although the hood was on, the faint sweet and sour taste was still smelled by Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai.

  The two took one last look at the fish skin on the table, after which they ran to Yun Su's side with the speed of a hundred meter sprint.

  Yun Su served out the fish pieces and handed them to the two, "Go and bring the fish head to my side, then serve out the rice and prepare to eat."

  After saying that, Yun Su picked up the towel and opened the casserole next to it, which was already spraying water outward through the gap between the lid and the pot.

  The fish bones had left the fish flesh and mixed perfectly into the fish soup.

  Yun Su picked up the spoon, fished out all the fish bones, put in the right amount of salt, and turned off the heat.

  She didn't garnish the cilantro on top, but chopped it up and put it in a separate empty bowl.

  People who like cilantro love it, and people who don't like it hate it.

  She is very fond of cilantro, just do not know if Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai like it.

  Lei Yunsheng put the fish pieces on the table and came over right away.

  He wanted to witness all the dishes coming out of the pot.

  Over there, Li Hai had already taken the fish head out of the steamer.

  The hot air mixed with chili pepper filled the nostrils, and just seeing this plate of fish head could attract a large number of people to taste it.

  Li Hai in the process of bringing the fish head to Yun Su's side, his eyes have not left the fish head.

  And, his breathing is much faster than usual, just want to smell the fragrance of the fish head more.

  Yun Su took the fish head from Li Hai, sprinkled some chopped green onions on the fish head, and then drizzled the hot oil that was already boiling in the pot.

  Meeting the chopped pepper and the chopped green onion, the hot oil zipped up and down, allowing the fragrance of the fish head to sublimate once again.

  Yun Su put the spatula back into the pot, "Dinner!"

  Finally waiting for this moment to eat, Li Hai and Lei Yunsheng sat down at the table.

  Lei Yunsheng gave each of them a bowl of fish soup and chucked some cilantro in the cilantro bowl.

  The slightly white fish soup was flooded with a bit of oil, and the green cilantro was a perfect match.

  Today's fish soup is different from yesterday's minced meat fish soup, today's fish soup is more refreshing, and there is a hint of sweetness when you taste it.

  A bowl of fish soup soon reached the bottom, in order to eat more fish meat, Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai did not serve soup again, only Yun Su and a bowl of soup to drink.

  After a long day of work and cooking this table, she was really a bit tired, now she just wanted to drink some fish soup to rest.

  Lei Yunsheng's stomach is not good, facing the hot and spicy fish head, although he wanted to eat, but still held back.

  Tolerate a moment of pleasure, when the stomach is good to eat at will.

  So, when the chopsticks were about to touch the fish head, he turned a corner and caught the fish skin.

  The curly fish skin, not floppy because it came out of the pot first, tasted very crispy, like he was eating one of his favorite snacks before.

  He also clip a piece of fins, compared to the fish skin, fins on the oil to more, eat not greasy, but very fragrant.

  Li Hai, who has a good stomach, was not bothered by Lei Yunsheng, and he clipped a chopstick of fish head into his mouth.

  Although there are more chili peppers, but the taste of chili peppers did not cover the fragrance of the fish, however, making the ordinary fish more delicious, he could not help but eat a few more bites.

  Seeing that the other two people did not eat the fish head, he was a little embarrassed and turned his chopsticks to the sweet and sour fish pieces.

  The fish pieces were covered with red soup, and one piece entered the mouth, tasting just the right amount of sour and sweet, and not as sour as one would expect.

  The rice in the bowls of Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai gradually saw the bottom, the two did not resist and went to both Sheng a bowl.

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