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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Miraculous Events

  Qianlin's physiological period is quite punctual, not more than five days before and after, and she gets very uncomfortable every time she comes.

  So every time she gets close to her physiological period, she stays at home and rests, and does not go to the store.

  And once the physiological period comes, she has to immediately drink ginger brown sugar water to relieve.

  When Sun Liren was at home, he helped her do it, but this time when Sun Liren was not at home, she had to do it herself.

  Only, she forgot how uncomfortable she was during her physiological period, causing her to be in a bit of a trance, not pressing the ginger block, the kitchen knife fell on the ginger and slipped, and the blade landed on her hand.

  The blood flowed instantly, and the pain in her fingers combined with the pain of her physiology made her cry out in aggravation.

  Knowing that her physiological period was about to arrive, Sun Liren was relieved to see her and rushed back from the company early.

  He was worried that she wouldn't be able to take care of herself when she had her physiological period while he was away.

  When he pushed open the door and saw her sitting on the floor crying, he was very glad that he had rushed back.

  Sun Liren picked up Qianlin, put her on the sofa, wrapped her in his arms and softly comforted her, then took out the eggs he bought this morning.

  "Don't cry, see what I brought you back?"

  Saying that, Sun Liren pulled out a plastic bag from his briefcase.

  The fragrant smell instantly filled the whole room, Qian Lin inhaled her nose, "What?" Because she had just cried, her voice still had some nasal sound.

  Sun Liren opened the bag and peeled an egg for her while saying, "This is the egg I bought when I passed by the subway station this morning, you try it? It's delicious."

  Qianlin wiped the tears from her face and took the egg from Sun Liren's hand, and she, who was used to chewing slowly, finished an egg in two bites this time.

  She took another egg out of the plastic bag and couldn't wait to peel another one, asking vaguely.

  "Where did you buy these eggs? It's the first time I've eaten such delicious eggs in my life."

  She grew up in the city of Yuncheng, just mention a street and she would know how many snacks there were on that street.

  Such a delicious egg must be very famous, it doesn't make sense that she doesn't know about it.

  Sun Liren tucked her hair behind her ear, "It was a new stall, and when I passed by it smelled very good, so I went to buy a few eggs, which are not cheap."

  Qianlin didn't even raise her head, continuing to nibble on the eggs in her hands, "It's just eggs, isn't it? How expensive can they be?"

  Sun Liren held out three fingers, "Three dollars a piece."

  "What?" Qian Lin shouted, the egg in her mouth almost slipped out of her mouth.

  She hurriedly reached out and caught the escaped egg, stuffing it back into her mouth before continuing, "This egg is so expensive?"

  Usually this tea egg is only one dollar a piece, this egg actually costs three dollars a piece, really is a lion's mouth!

  However, it is really quite delicious.

  Sun Liren nodded, "Yes."

  Although he and Qian Lin both have a small business, but these two years business is not very good.

  In addition to the various expenses, just barely making ends meet, so now this egg for them, the actual is a little on the expensive side.

  But it can't be helped, who let him have a foodie wife.

  As long as he can make his wife happy, more expensive eggs are willing.

  Three dollars an egg is expensive, the big deal is that he does not smoke, the rest of the money to buy eggs for his wife.

  Qian Lin complained as she ate the eggs, "What a waste of money."

  Sun Liren smiled, "It's hard to buy a wife's smile for a thousand dollars."

  Qian Lin slightly froze and pouted and hammered his shoulder.

  This person, really, makes people weirdly embarrassed.

  I don't know if it's because my husband is back, or for some other reason, at night, Sun Lin feels that her belly is not so uncomfortable, and the hand that was cut is not very painful.

  The next day when she woke up early, her hand, which was still red and swollen, was not swollen anymore.

  Sun Lin felt strange, even if her healing ability was good, it would not be this way.

  The previous time she went into the goods, accidentally cut by a knife hand, the wound only oozed some blood, but even so, her hand wound that piece is still red and swollen for two days.

  Now that a piece of flesh has been cut down, it doesn't make sense that it would heal so quickly.

  Moreover, the body that should have been uncomfortable, now there is no half discomfort.

  You know, her physiological period will come about six days.

  The first few days when the volume was high, she was in pain every day.

  But now it's only the second day, how come there's no feeling at all?

  She hadn't been taking care of her body recently, and she hadn't even eaten much in the past few days when her stomach was upset.

  Thinking of this, she froze, then slapped her thigh, "Right, could it be the eggs?

  The more she thought about it, the more Qian Lin felt that it was the problem of eggs.

  She hurriedly called Sun Liren, "Did you buy eggs today?"

  When Sun Liren heard that, he couldn't hold back his smile, "I have to buy what my wife likes to eat, you're such a little glutton."

  Hearing him say he bought them, Qian Lin immediately said happily, "Then I'll go over to you now? We'll have lunch together later?"

  "Okay, I'll wait for you." When Sun Liren heard her say she was coming to look for herself, he just thought she missed him and didn't think about the eggs at all.

  In order to verify her thoughts, Qianlin did not even drink any water after she woke up, and ate only five eggs a day.

  Because her throat was too dry, she almost choked.

  When Sun Liren handed her water, she pushed it aside, which made Sun Liren suspicious.

  Now Qian Lin is still in the testing stage, so she didn't tell Sun Liren.

  On the third day, Qianlin woke up early.

  Usually when she woke up, she would turn a blind eye and stagger to the bathroom.

  Today she is very abnormal, at this moment she is more awake than ever.

  She ran to the bathroom, ripped open a Band-Aid, and put her cut finger under the hose.

  The water washed over her finger and there was no pain at all.

  After rinsing for a while, she held her hand up for a closer look.

  She found that apart from a little red mark and the clotted blood that had come out when she had cut it, it was as if her hand had never been hurt.

  She excitedly ran back to the room and sat on the edge of the bed shaking the still sleeping Sun Liren, "Honey honey, take me to the subway station, I want to go buy eggs."

  Sun Liren raised his phone in a daze and dragged Qianlin back into his arms, "It's only 5:30, sleep a little more."

  Qian Lin pushed him away, "Didn't you say that if you hadn't gone early yesterday, you wouldn't have been able to buy eggs? Now it's 5:30, hurry up and get up."

  She said, ignoring his reaction and dragged him up from the bed.

  Sun Liren looked at her speechlessly, and wondered how she could be so strong for such a skinny and small person.

  Sure enough, for a bite to eat, the power of food is fully stimulated.

  The two arrived at the subway entrance, Qian Lin then sent Sun Liren to work.

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