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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Let's dine together

  The owner wanted to say that he could run twice to transport these eggs, but seeing that the owner had agreed to help transport the eggs, he didn't say anything more.

  In all his years of life, it was the first time he had seen someone using a small winged car to haul eggs.

  I had only seen such a situation on TV before, but I never thought I would be lucky enough to see it with my own eyes in reality.

  Can really be a knife to cross the buttocks, shares, open the eyes.

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai moved eggs over here, Yun Su went to buy some materials to make eggs, and materials to make fish.

  There are still a bunch of fish at home, and the eggs she just bought are waiting for her. Yun Su can imagine how busy and tired she will be in the next few days, and how bad her skin condition will become.

  She wanted to find a restaurant to invite two people to eat, by the way, to investigate the taste of people in this world.

  To see what else people in this world like to eat, she can prepare in advance.

  As the saying goes, it takes a hundred battles to know oneself and one's enemy.

  As the god of cooking, even if she is confident, but also can not blindly blind.

  But there is a problem, that is, she has no money.

  The money she just earned has not yet been warmed up, and then she spent it all.

  Yun Su sighed, the previous her, when she worried about money?

  She used to think that spending money is a very difficult thing, after coming to this world, she finally knew that it is harder to make money.

  Look, she worked so hard all day, but in the end she didn't even have the money to buy a meal.

  After loading the eggs, the boss went ahead of the three of them and sent the eggs from his car to Yun Su's house.

  After unloading the eggs from the car and putting them away, the three men and one car also arrived at the door.

  When Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai saw Yun Su's house, they froze in place and forgot to react.

  Looking at Yun Su's dress, even the cart used to sell eggs was modified, so they could imagine that her family was not well off.

  But what they didn't expect was that her family was so badly off.

  This kind of thatched roof is a product of the last century, right?

  Windows and doors are not available, can this really live? This was Lei Yunsheng's first thought when he arrived at Yun Su's house.

  Can live in this really not ordinary people, this is the first thought of Li Hai at the sight of Yun Su's home.

  Yun Su ignored the two, went straight to the place where the kitchen utensils were placed next to her, she was going to wash the eggs.

  But she forgot one thing, her money was getting bigger and bigger, all her ingredients were doubled, but she didn't have enough tools.

  If she didn't have enough cooking utensils at home, she wouldn't be making different flavors of eggs.

  At this moment, Yun Su is standing in the open space in front of her thatched hut, looking at the eggs all over the ground and worrying.

  After stewing for a while, Yun Su finally decided to work harder today and make those eggs in batches!

  The most important thing now is to make money, she can't just say no and not do it.

  She still has to go to college, and she doesn't know how much tuition costs.

  The original owner's wish is to go to college, she can't take over someone's body and then not help them fulfill their wish.

  This kind of thing, she could not do.

  After thinking for a while, she decided to make two pots of tea eggs, and most of the remaining eggs were made into salt baked eggs.

  Smoked eggs will not be done for now, it is a waste of time to smoke the eggs after they are cooked.

  When she went to the market today, there were many more food carts. With her social skills, Yun Su accurately inquired about the addresses and prices of the food carts.

  So she decided to buy a food cart tomorrow.

  After having a food cart, she can go home later, she can have more time to earn money.

  She can also make more simple food, so she doesn't have to be so tired of just making eggs.

  The most important thing is that the cart saves some energy.

  Someone's food truck is a three-wheeled, front is the car seat, the back of the empty bucket to put tools and ingredients.

  People sitting on the small seat, feet on the two plates, two feet take turns to step down hard, the car will go forward.

  Some food car is four wheels electric, ingredients and tools are placed in the car, the price she did not inquire out.


  After putting the eggs into the vinegar water and soaking them, Yun Su also had to prepare today's meal.

  Washing the eggs delayed a lot of time, and by the time she finished working, it was already afternoon.

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai casually found a piece of grass to sit down, the two did not speak, quietly waiting for the missing Yun Su to appear.

  Li Hai only smelled the eggs today, did not eat the eggs, so now is not very anxious.

  But Lei Yunsheng is different, he has not eaten well for too long, usually relying on nutrition injection support.

  It's not easy to eat tasty food once, that heart is like being bitten by ants, want to scratch but can not scratch.

  If not for his upbringing all along, he would have wanted to go to Yun Su right away and ask her when in the end she would start cooking.

  But this is too impolite, he really can not open his mouth.

  So you can only temporarily condescend to yourself, so many years have come, and do not care to wait a little longer.

  Yun Su's family has a total of three pots, two of which are soaked with eggs, leaving an empty pot, which Yun Su will take for lunch today.

  If dinner is eaten earlier, it can also be said to be dinner.

  When she was washing the eggs, Yun Su's head was not idle.

  From her memory, she kept searching and finally found a dish that was less complicated and not too shabby to entertain guests.

  After finishing the eggs, she went up to the mountain again.

  This time, she was going to catch a fresh fish and save it for later.

  Today's meal was technically her first meal in this world.

  So, she had to treat herself well.

  At the same time, it is also to entertain the two new friends she met in this world.

  Lei Yunsheng waited anxiously, and when he saw that Yunsu had returned with a large fish, he quickly stood up from the ground.

  The Li Hai next to him was startled by him, he had known his young master for so many years, but it was the first time he had seen him like this, and indeed the charm of food was unstoppable.

  Soon, he remembered one thing, he hurriedly got up to hold Lei Yunsheng.

  But before he could touch Lei Yunsheng's clothes, Lei Yunsheng had already walked in the direction of Yun Su.

  Li Hai looked at Lei Yunsheng in surprise, the young master got up so quickly not dizzy?

  This is Lei Yunsheng's old problem, since the loss of the sense of smell and taste, he can not eat anything, and over time the body is not very good.

  Sometimes get up a little faster, or move a little faster, he will feel dizzy.

  Li Hai did not think much about it, he also hurried to chase the past, to avoid a while Lei Yunsheng fainted, he did not hold in time, fell on the ground to go to the hospital.

  Hospital kind of place or less to go to the good, go once the mood of the young master is not good once.

  Mood sometimes affects physical health, it is important to maintain the mood.

  Lei Yunsheng walked to Yun Su's side, wanted to help her take the fish, but thought of his own body, or stop.

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