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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Knowing and repaying

  Most of the people in line to buy eggs hadn't left yet, and the two were pulling and tugging here, causing the people next to them to gather around.

  The crowd looked at the two curiously and watched for a while before understanding the current situation.

  At that moment, someone said in a loud voice: "Boss, if she doesn't want this egg, resell it to me, I want it."

  People in the crowd responded, "I want it too."

  "And me."

  "I want it too, but I said it first, the people behind me can't grab it from me."

  "Or else, the one who sees will get a share?" A weak voice in the crowd said.

  In order to get this egg, he got up early every day, but today, by accident, he got up a little late, and when he got in line, the egg was gone.

  Anyway, I didn't buy any eggs, if the boss really resold these eggs, I would have made a profit.

  Yun Su turned his head and looked at them with amusement, "Have you helped me before? Don't look at the lively, if you don't go, you'll be late oh."

  The onlookers took out their phones in unison, and when they saw the time, everyone's face was wonderful.

  The eggs were delicious, but if you were late, the money deducted could buy a lot of eggs.

  Anyway, I didn't buy any eggs today, so if I'm late again and deduct money, it's really bad luck to open the door to the unlucky, unlucky to home.

  The subway station, which was still in an uproar, was instantly much quieter because of Yun Su's words.

  Yun Su stuffed the egg bag into Wu Zhuang Ya's hand, "Don't be polite to me, these eggs are not a few money, you also hurry to work, then late for work oh."

  Wu Zhuang Ya could not resist, so she could only accept it.

  "Then I thank you in advance, if you buy a cell phone, come to me, I will give you a discount, if you can not discount, you can also send you some phone cases, rice cooker or something."

  Yun Su: "Okay, then it's a deal."

  After that, she went to her car and continued to drive in the direction of the vegetable market.

  The phone case or something Yun Su is not interested, but the rice cooker she is still interested in.

  Lei Yunsheng's home has a rice cooker, that rice cooker has many functions, can boil porridge, cook rice, soup, make cake.

  She used to make cakes when she was in the Chinese dynasty, and it was not easy to make a good cake, either it was battered or the egg whites were not whipped.

  Even if she did it herself, it was done many times before it was successful.

  Now that she is in a developed place, how can she not show her hand?

  In this instant, Yun Su has already thought of what to eat today's afternoon tea.

  Let's have shaved ice, cake, and shiso drink.

  Yun Su went to the vegetable market and bought all the ingredients she needed, then went back to her thatched roof.

  She washed the eggs, put them back in the car, and walked up the mountain spring where it flowed down.

  She had one more very important thing to do, and that was, she wanted to see what the secret of the water was.

  The mountain spring is not big, just a small stream.

  Below where Yun Su received the water was a puddle.

  Mountain spring water flows down continuously, and when not in use it flows into the puddle, evaporates or then enters the ground by the earth inside.

  The puddle is very shallow and you can see the bottom.

  In addition to a few small fish, is some dirt.

  Mountain spring water flowing down this road, Yun Su has never walked, so it is a little difficult to walk.

  She found on both sides of the place where she walked, a lot of mushrooms that had just sprouted.

  Those mushrooms are still small, even if you pick them, there is not much, why not let them grow more days.

  Yun Su is happy now, these mushrooms will become her ingredients.

  There was no way that there were only a few mushrooms in such a big mountain, there must be some in other places too.

  At this moment, Yun Su suddenly felt like a tycoon.

  A mountain of mushrooms, this is equivalent to gaining countless ingredients without capital.

  The bad mountain path suddenly became good to walk, and the panting Yun Su felt that she was not tired of climbing the mountain.

  After walking for an unknown amount of time, she finally reached the source of the mountain spring.

  Only to see a pile of rocks, there are about two fingers wide water flowing from the gaps in the rocks, there is a thick layer of soil above the rocks.

  Yun Su thought twice and decided to give up.

  If she wanted to see what was inside, she would have to dig up all that stuff, which was a big job.

  Not to mention that she did not bring tools, even if she did, it would take a long time to finish digging.

  She sighed helplessly and went back the way she came, retracing her steps to the river.

  She also wanted to go directly to the river on the mountain to see, without such a waste of time, but she got lost.

  There was no choice but to return the same way and start again.

  Because this road has been walked many times and is better than the road just now, Yun Su's speed is also much faster.

  When she arrived at the river, she did not hesitate to jump in.

  Hold your breath and jump into the river, and when you run out of air, then come up and take a breath and continue.

  Back and forth many times, in addition to the fish inside, she did not see anything.

  Yun Su came out of the river and plucked the hair in front of her face to the back of her forehead.

  Casually wiped the water on her face, wrung out the wet clothes on her body, Yun Su walked along the river.

  After walking for a long time, she saw a place that looked very familiar.

  She stood in place for a while and finally remembered where this was, wasn't this the back of her room?

  She walked forward and was even more sure she was right. She looked up and saw the dried fish she had been drying on the balcony.

  I never thought the river would end here!

  Nor did she expect that her thatched hut would turn out to be so close to Lei Yunsheng's house!

  She walked down quickly, better go back to change clothes first, this wet clothes wearing really uncomfortable.

  Her sudden appearance, frightened in the dining room lying dead Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai.

  In particular, her hair is messy, there are messy things on it, clothes are still dripping, all dirty.

  Two people popped up dead from the chair, "You you you ......"

  "You were thrown into the water?"

  Yun Su breathlessly rolled his eyes, "How is that possible? I never make enemies with people."

  Lei Yunsheng stretched out his finger and pointed to his head, and then pointed to his body, "Then what's wrong with you?"

  Yun Su wiped her hair and felt a handful of grass in her hair, she casually threw it into the trash can and looked down at herself before answering.

  "I jumped into the river by myself."

  The two men looked at each other and took big steps to Yun Su, looking at her with one left and one right.

  "Have you encountered anything unhappy? What do you need help can talk to us, why so thoughtless."

  Yun Su white glance at the two, these two people's imagination is really rich, really to think where to go.

  She pushed the two away, "I'm going to change my clothes first, I'll talk to you guys later."

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