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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Is this some kind of secret that cannot be told?

  Yun Su looked at Li Hai in disbelief, "Is this some kind of secret that can't be told?"

  What can't people know about losing the sense of taste and smell?

  Once before when she was very sick, she briefly lost her sense of smell and taste, and that feeling was really hard to bear.

  The only good thing was that when drinking very bitter medicine, it was as if she was drinking water.

  Yun Su didn't know who was sitting next to her and how many people would take advantage of this news if it got out.

  An heir who could not eat properly would inevitably affect the group.

  Will Lei's Group's share price fall? How will Lei Huo give an explanation to the shareholders, all these she does not know.

  In serious cases, it would even cause many people to lose their jobs.

  Seeing that no one answered, Yun Su said to herself, "The sense of smell and taste at times is indeed very brain-damaging."

  Giving people hope while not knowing when it will be taken away again.

  Hearing this, Li Hai was relieved to know that his young master had not taken it all off, but had something to hide.

  He continued to eat the shaved ice in front of him when he heard Yun Su's next words, almost choking him.

  Only to hear Yun Su say, "Especially for a foodie like you."

  Li Hai froze looking at Yun Su, in fact, this sentence you can not say, really.

  It is really which pot not to mention which pot, specifically to the heart of people poke ah.

  Yun Su did not see Li Hai's expression, her eyes were vacant, looking dazed, but in fact thinking about things.

  Since the mountain spring water can treat wounds, there must be other effects.

  Fish can also strengthen the body, then the mountain spring water and fish, is it possible to Lei Yunsheng's sense of smell and taste completely restored?

  Lei Yunsheng is also considered her first friend in this world, a friend in trouble, she should naturally lend a helping hand.

  Especially, in the case of that friend also helped himself.

  And, in order to let herself come to live here, people also told her their secrets, and also pay her, how to say she should also afford this trust.

  However, since he ate the eggs and fish made from the mountain spring water, the sense of smell and taste is still sporadic, the pressure is not better, does this mean that the mountain spring water is not useful to him.

  Yun Su continued to look ahead and put empty, hands rubbing his chin, which is a little difficult to do.

  However, it may be that the eggs and fish are not high enough mountain spring water content, after all, he did not drink mountain spring water directly, indirectly contacted the mountain spring water, that effect will certainly be greatly reduced.

  Then she will go back to the thatched roof tomorrow and get some water back for Lei Yunsheng.

  The ice in front of you has been melting a bit because of chatting for too long, and Yun Su hurriedly stuffed the bowl of ice that hadn't melted into his mouth.

  Busy rescuing the ice crumbs of Yun Su, at the moment has forgotten that the ice is made of mountain spring water.

  Did not eat the cupcake, Yun Su some unhappy, kept eating ice, and drank a lot of ice with shiso water, resulting in her successful diarrhea.

  This time, not to mention to buy the ingredients to make cakes, even dinner she can not do.

  She kept running to the bathroom, and just returned to the bed before she could sit down, and rushed to the bathroom again.

  She wanted to turn back the clock.

  If she could go back to the afternoon, she would not be greedy for food.

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai were a little worried outside the door, "Yun Su, are you okay?"

  At this moment Yun Su is already a little breathless, "I'm still alive for now, are you guys okay?"

  "No, we're fine."

  Yun Su at this moment just want to wail, really unfair ah.

  Why can other people eat eggs soaked in mountain spring water to heal their wounds, but she has diarrhea when she eats ice cubes made from mountain spring water?

  She forgot how much ice she had eaten, so much that even the mountain spring water could not save her.

  Two big men are standing outside, Yun Su some embarrassment, go to the bathroom are a little uncomfortable.

  "That, I'm fine, you guys don't have to worry about me."

  After two seconds, a reply came from the door, "Well then, call us if you can't hold on, we'll take you to the hospital."


  Li Hai and Lei Yunsheng went back to their respective rooms.

  Li Hai took out his phone, and only then did he see Lei Yundu's last reply.

  "Have you talked to madam about this?"

  After waiting for a while, there was still no reply over there, so Li Hai guessed that she was probably out shopping.

  He put away his phone and prepared to rest for a while.

  Just then, his stomach growled.

  He flattened his mouth, "Those ice and fruits are really wasted, I can't believe I'm hungry so soon."

  Li Hai walked to the kitchen and looked at the egg shells in the trash can, now very regretful, regretful why he didn't cook more rice at noon.

  Yun Su said let cook less, he really cooked less, how to forget how good Yun Su's cooking skills, on that cooking skills, how can they eat less?

  Eating less than a grain of rice is sorry for their mouth and stomach.

  He secretly decided in his heart that the next time Yun Su asked him to cook less rice, he would cook as much rice as the pot had.

  If left over, he will save the afternoon or evening for himself to add a meal, Yun Su cooked rice, vegetable soup he did not want to be left.

  Li Hai looked at the noodles and sighed, hey, old buddy, tonight or eat you, open or not happy?

  Well, the old buddy open or not he does not know, anyway, he is not too happy.

  There is a cooking god in the family, who would like to eat noodles so difficult to eat things?

  Unfortunately, the god of cooking is either busy or physically unable, he can only do it himself.


  Lei Yunsheng opened the door of his room to see if Yun Su was better, and if he really couldn't, it would be better to send him to the hospital earlier.

  He walked to the door of Yun Su's room, was about to knock, but smelled a familiar smell.

  The raised hand stopped in front of the door, and he sniffed the air hard for the smell.

  After confirming that it was not his illusion, he hurriedly knocked on Yun Su's room door, "Yun Su, are you okay?"

  Yun Su, who was about to fall asleep, heard the voice responding with difficulty, "I'm much better now."

  "That's good." After saying that, Lei Yunsheng hurriedly went downstairs.

  Sure enough, he saw the figure of Li Hai in the kitchen.

  Li Hai served the noodles into a bowl, "Why did you come down?"

  Seeing him staring at the noodles, he thought he was sad again, "That, I'm a little hungry, so I came down to cook a noodle."

  Lei Yunsheng didn't even blink, looked at the noodles and then looked at Li Hai, "I can smell the smell of instant noodles again."

  Li Hai brought the instant noodles to the table, "Really?"

  Lei Yunsheng pulled the chopsticks away from Li Hai's hands with very skillful movements.

  Under Li Hai's gaze, Lei Yunsheng moved the bowl of noodles to his own face.

  Lei Yunsheng did not answer, but proved with practical actions that he could indeed smell and eat again.

  He ate very fragrantly, Li Hai looked straight drooling.

  Li Hai raised a hand, wanted to speak, and finally did not disturb him.

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