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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-If you rob again, you will not be allowed to eat!

  At the end of the second bowl of rice, Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai still wanted to eat, but when they looked at the rice cooker, the pot had reached the bottom and there was not a single grain of rice left.

  Li Hai knew they would eat a lot, but he didn't expect them to eat so much.

  When he was serving rice, he also deliberately served some more, the bowl had already appeared small tip, who knew that eating and eating two bowls.

  At the moment, they are back to the state they were in last night, very bracing, bracing to the point of wanting to vomit, but still want to eat.

  Yun Su ate slowly and methodically, and saw that the two had almost eaten.

  Only then did she open her mouth and asked, "Do you have any snacks over here that are profitable and don't require getting up too early to make?"

  It's not that she's lazy and doesn't want to get up early, but she's afraid she'll become stupid.

  Not enough rest every day, she gets up in the early morning to cook eggs, and she doesn't have time to rest during the day, and her memory is already bad now.

  After a long time, I wonder if there will be other symptoms, will she lose her hair?

  To avoid such a thing, she has to change the way she makes money in advance, not to stop selling eggs, but to stop making so many eggs.

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai looked at each other and then shook their heads, "I don't know."

  The two of them came to this side not long, Lei Yunsheng before and sick, see the food although will be very happy, but he can only look at eating, bad mood naturally can not go out to shop for snacks.

  The air fell into a short period of silence, after a while, Lei Yunhai said, "Yanhua Street every night there will be a night market, the market opened at about five o'clock in the afternoon, at about ten o'clock in the evening there is not much people."

  The two of them came here not long ago, Lei Yunsheng before and sick, it is naturally impossible to go out shopping, and still go to the kind of place with snacks.

  The air fell into a brief silence, after a while, Lei Yunsheng said, "Yanhua Street except for Tuesday, every night there will be a night market, the market opened at about five o'clock in the afternoon and closed at about eleven o'clock at night."

  "There are snacks over there, and clothes and shoes for sale."

  Li Hai turned his head to look at Lei Yunsheng, "How do you know?" Is not behind my back secretly went out by themselves?

  Lei Yunsheng looked at Li Hai like a fool, "the first day you came here you got lost, we were stuck in that street ......"

  Once he said that, Li Hai remembered.

  Sometimes you can't trust the navigation, that day he trusted the navigation, so he flipped the car, resulting in the destruction of his reputation for a lifetime.

  When the navigation guided him to drive towards Yanhua Road, the market was not yet open, only some small vendors on the side of the road in finishing things, he saw no one also drove past.

  As a result, halfway through the drive, a large group of people came in, they were blocked inside and could not move.

  Due to the car and too good, directly by people as a monkey to the crowd.

  Good thing he previously gave the car film, the people inside can see the outside, the people outside can not see the inside, however, such a feeling is also very embarrassing.

  Thinking back now, his toes want to curl up again.

  "However, if you go there to set up a stall, you better get your business license and health certificate done." Lei Yunsheng then said.

  Now advocate the stall economy, you can set up a stall on the roadside, as long as it does not obstruct traffic can, and do not need to pay the management fee and apply for documents.

  But the night market is different, the night market has a special management system.

  Need to apply for a lot of documents, only complete documents, you can set up a stall.

  "If you don't know what documents you need to do, I can ask my friend and take you there, anyway, Li Hai and I have nothing to do."

  His friend's family opened a chain of restaurants, the need to do what documents he knows very well.

  Yun Su nodded "Okay, thanks in advance."

  Then, she rested her arm on the table, hand propped on her chin and began to think.

  When she went out to sell eggs, she found that the roadside near the market, in the morning there will be some old grandparents selling vegetables, some of the dishes do not look very good.

  But than the supermarkets are clean and fresh, the important thing is that the sale is very cheap.

  If she goes to the night market stall, she can go there to buy goods.

  One can help the elderly, the second is also to save yourself some money.

  The fly is small, it is also meat.

  Get up early on the first day, after ordering the dishes, and grandparents to discuss long-term cooperation, the next day after the need not to get up early.

  Grandparents sell what vegetables, she will buy what vegetables.

  When the time comes to study the recipes according to the dishes bought that day, looking at the dishes and studying the recipes is much easier than studying the recipes out of thin air.

  She has cooked many dishes, the recipes are in her mind, but without the dishes in front of her, it is a little hard to remember.

  Need to see the dish after the memory of the recipe to stimulate out.

  For example, she has been cooking fish for the past two days, because she has a lot of fish at home.

  So when she saw the fish, all the ways of doing fish were immediately in her mind, over and over again.

  After dinner, the heavy responsibility of cleaning up the table was given to Lei Yunsheng, and brushing the dishes was given to Li Hai.

  And Yun Su went to the car to unload all those dried fish.

  After a few days of drying, the dried fish were not yet finished, and it was necessary to make sure that there was not a drop of moisture in the fish.

  She put the fish into the bag and then dragged it upstairs.

  It was already very hot in Yun City at this season, and the weather in the city was a little hotter than in the mountains.

  So Yun Su decided to put those fish on her balcony, the balcony of her room was very big, and a breeze would blow from time to time, the most time to sun-dry the fish, these fish would be almost ready in another four or five days.

  Yun Su does not like to pickle dried fish, so they are directly sun-dried.

  One advantage of direct drying is that it saves time.

  Not far from her room there is a mountain, the mountain looks familiar.

  She didn't think about it, she just laughed a little, "I'm really not useful anymore, I just got up a few days early, but I can't even see well anymore."

  Today is too busy, yesterday she basically did not sleep and got up to make eggs.

  It was time to buy a car and find a house, and the eggs that need to be sold tomorrow were not bought.

  Yun Su put the fish away and yawned, people are especially sleepy after eating, especially since she hadn't had a good rest for two or three days.

  "It's better to go to bed early, tomorrow I will not go to sell eggs, first rest well, by the way, need to do the documents to do, refresh, and then try to make money, cheer!"

  Yun Su did not go downstairs again, took off his clothes, and went to take a bath.

  When Lei Yunsheng showed her the room today, he taught her how to use the bathtub.

  In the past, when she was in the Chinese Dynasty, Yun Su had to take a bath every day.

  The bath can accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, so she likes to take a bath.

  But after coming here, not to mention the bath, it is difficult to even take a bath.

  Now that she has changed to a good environment, of course she has to enjoy it.

  At this moment, Yun Su was leaning in the bathtub, the heat of the water was surging up, and she was a little drowsy.

  She had a dream.

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