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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-I went to comfort him

  Li Hai looked at Yun Su blankly, what the hell is she talking about?

  What lost love, who? The young master?

  When did his young master fall in love, why did he and he spend time with himself do not know, but Yun Su know?

  After he figured out that it was Yun Su who misunderstood, Yun Su was already knocking on Lei Yunsheng's door.

  "Hey, not ......" who knows he had not finished, Yun Su had already pushed the door in.

  Li Hai stood in place with his outstretched arm frozen in mid-air, he blinked and blinked again, uh, who can come and tell him what's going on now?

  Does he still need to stop it? And even if he did, would it be too late?

  After thinking in place for a minute, Li Hai finally decided to go downstairs and find something to pad his stomach first.

  Anyway, he can not comfort Lei Yunsheng, Yun Su up there may be able to comfort Lei Yunsheng it.

  After all, she made something Lei Yunsheng can eat, for the sake of eating, I believe Lei Yunsheng will not be sad again.

  Yun Su walked up to Lei Yunsheng's room and first knocked politely on the door.

  "Lei Yunsheng, are you still alive?"

  In the past, she had seen many people who were in love with each other and then had to take a concubine not long after they got married, and the original spouse could not stop them, so they sought death and were tired of living, which in her opinion was incredibly stupid.

  It is because she has seen more, so she has not been married.

  In her opinion, instead of getting married to deal with those trivial matters, it is better to study a few new dishes to earn more money to the real.

  Every day quarrels consume the mind, but also to prevent her husband spoiled concubines, put this spirit on the business is not good?

  Don't those rabbits smell good? As long as you give him money, let him do whatever he wants, than only add to the traffic of the husband is much better.

  At first when she encountered this kind of thing, because that person is her good friend, she will also follow her to scold that man.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  But after she said that, at that time and she scolded her own husband, and when people come to pick her up will be reconciled, and finally became her not.

  Since then, she never cared about such things from others, and broke off relations with that friend.

  So, apart from Cuiping, this is one of the reasons why she doesn't have many friends.

  She also heard about her former best friend before she came to China, and heard that she is now getting along quite well with her husband's concubines.

  She is really tired, for the feelings between others, is able to stay out of the way.

  So she ran into the man who lost his love today, heard that he was hurt by his love, confirmed that he would not seek his own death, and left on his own.

  As long as it is not a fresh life away, the other things, the man himself will deal with, do not need her persuasion.

  But Lei Yunsheng is different, he is considered his own boss, she can not watch him depressed to see the death of ah!

  If she is still the boss of the world's first building, she will probably just ignore it, as long as he lives on, but now hedgehogs, I hope she will save up to buy a house soon.

  However, it seems that there are still a few days to go before the college entrance exam scores are released.

  Out of the college entrance examination scores, after the volunteer was accepted, she will go out to school.

  I do not know what school she will go to, far from the cloud city, even if she bought a house can not live here for a long time ah.

  This matter can only wait until after being accepted, know where will go to school and say, anyway, her money is not enough to buy a house, no hurry.

  When you think about going to school afterwards, Yun Su has a bit of a headache.

  God knows, she does not like to study.

  As a woman she naturally does not have to go to a private school, but there are teachers who teach her.

  One-on-one teaching, not as comfortable as going to a private school.

  Finishing the book was the original owner's wish, and she couldn't help but help her achieve it.

  Lei Yunsheng in the room, after hearing Yunsu say report the menu, has been almost self-enlightened.

  As a result, before he could leave the room, he heard Yun Su ask if he was still alive.

  He did not come up with a breath and almost died of anger.

  He didn't want to answer and lay back on the bed, Yun Su always seems to be like this, talking like disliking people.

  Her words were really awkward to hear, as if he was going to kill himself.

  He was torn inside the door, and the knocking outside the door continued, "If you don't say anything I'll push the door in."

  Lei Yunsheng was silent for two seconds, and it was these two seconds that the door to the room was opened.

  Yun Su moved here not long ago, in addition to a whole floor of the kitchen dining room downstairs, and her own room, she has not been to other rooms.

  The main reason is that it's not convenient for her to go in and look at other people's rooms.

  At the moment, she came in also for the safety of Lei Yunsheng, so she could not care less.

  She twisted the handle, the door opened, only to find that the door was not locked.

  The door opened and it was pitch black.

  She lifted a hand to her side to feel.

  She frowned and felt for a while, but she couldn't help but spit, her room's switch is in this location, why can't you feel it.

  In case you have to get out of bed and turn on the lights when you want to sleep, there are special remote controls for the lights in each room.

  But also in order to avoid the remote control suddenly out of power, so in each room there are switches on the wall.

  At this moment, the light suddenly turned on.

  Yun Su was stunned, and at this moment she hated to exit the door.

  She held the door handle with one hand, her body at the open gap between the door and the wall, tilting her head to look upward, her palm touching the switch on the wall, and her legs and feet twisted.

  Yun Su froze for a few seconds and quickly stood up straight, "Hey, you're okay, huh? It's good that it's okay, it's good that it's okay."

  Anyway, as long as she is not embarrassed, the embarrassment is others.

  Lei Yunsheng's originally very depressed mood was surprisingly swept away after seeing Yun Su's comical movements.

  "Did you come to see me for something?"

  Yun Su looked east and west, then looked at the ceiling, her hand rubbed the back of her neck very uncomfortable. "Huh? No, nothing."

  She stammered, and laughed twice as she said it, obviously still embarrassed.

  "That, you, I'm going to make lunch, do you have anything you want to eat?"

  "You can make whatever you want, I can do it."

  "Ah, that's good, then I'll, go down first, haha." After saying that, Yun Su walked out, and thoughtfully brought his door with him.

  After going out, Yun Su exhaled heavily, after living for so many years, it was the first time she was so embarrassed.

  However, he had to change the things in that room, either black or gray, how depressing.

  It is normal to stay inside for a long time, the mood will also be bad well.

  If she has time in a few days, she will go shopping to change the things in his room, anyway, since she came to China, she is making money every day in addition to making money, has not gone out to shop properly.

  The change of environment for him is not for his personal sake, but for her own.

  If something were to happen to him, wouldn't she lose that salary.

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