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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-He is so beautiful

  Lei Yunsheng was so disliked by her that his breath didn't come up and he almost passed out.

  It was the first time since he grew up that he had seen someone speak to him like that.

  The actual fact is, even if his words are slightly redundant, she can't be more polite?

  At least they are now considered friends, right? This is really not giving any face.

  He was a little embarrassed, coughed gently, and stopped talking.

  The front of Li Hai does not feel embarrassed, and even a little funny.

  He pursed his lips, afraid that he could not help but laugh out loud.

  Young master since the illness, every day is depressed, how many years have not been so vivid.

  His father, Li Qing, is the old butler of the Lei family, he did not go to the army before, but also always live in the Lei family, the wife of the Lei family is very good to their family.

  When he came back as a soldier, he had been following Lei Yunsheng all over the world, while his own father was at the Lei residence in the imperial capital.

  He is a few years older than Lei Yunsheng, you can even say that, Lei Yunsheng is also considered that he watched the growth.

  Seeing the young master in this state now, he was really happy.

  He could not wait to call his wife immediately to report the good news.

  However, now is not the time, he better watch the show.

  Li Hai car drove very slowly, from time to time from the rearview mirror to observe the two.

  Now that little girl's face is full of speechless, she rolled her eyes fiercely at her young master, then turned her head to look out the window, not even an afterimage to the young master.

  As if, just that to their own young master, committing nymphomania is not her general.

  This girl has learned Sichuan opera face changing?

  Just gentle said to be friends with the young master or her?

  It is difficult not to start are pretending?

  Now she is the most real her?

  Then look at the young master, the young master also looked out the window.

  But that red earlobe reveals his true mood.

  He pulled the corner of his mouth and the car speeded up a bit.

  Facing a little girl, Lei Yunsheng couldn't say he was angry, just a little embarrassed.

  He was now recalling his appetite for the eggs he had just eaten, and after a while, he couldn't care less about his embarrassment and turned his head to look at Yun Su and said, "Where did you get that egg in stock? Or did your family make them?"

  Yun Su gave him another fierce white glance, then raised her chin proudly, "Really no vision, that was made by my own hands. "

  "Really not I blow, there is no one in this world than I cook more delicious, as long as I recognize the third, the first will definitely run away overnight, the second will directly kneel down to ask my forgiveness!"

  Yun Su said more and more excited, "If you do not believe, as long as you think someone better than me cooking, you find him out, we two test match, as long as I lose, I worship him as a teacher on the spot."

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai laughed, her mouth is really big.

  Worship each other as a teacher, that is definitely she earned, how she acted as if she was giving face to the other side.

  Yun Su saw that both of them didn't say anything, she didn't say anything more, she didn't see eye to eye with two little kids who had no vision.

  Previously in the Chinese dynasty, her name of the world's first building is because of her cooking skills to play out.

  Not only the emperors of this dynasty, but even the emperors of neighboring countries signed a treaty of freedom from war in order to eat her cooking.

  So in those years, the people lived in peace and happiness, so happy.

  Thinking about it, Yun Su was a little sad, wondering if her country was still safe after she left, and if those people would be caught in the middle of the war.

  After all, when she was a child, the surrounding countries were at war one after another, the war was endless, and the people were not living.

  She has never understood why those emperors like to open up the frontier it, in their own land to live well is not good?

  What countries do not have, can be exchanged for equal value, why take by force?

  Yun Su sighed and felt a little uncomfortable.

  Lei Yunsheng looked at her with a puzzled face.

  Just now the young girl with a high fighting spirit, how come she suddenly lost her luster? Is it possible that she is angry with herself and Li Hai for not believing her?

  Perhaps the atmosphere in the car made Lei Yunsheng a little uncomfortable, he took the initiative to speak again in a rare moment, "What's your name?"

  Yun Su could not care less about remembering the past, she jerked her head up with a surprised face, "Ah? I did not say my name? I thought I had just introduced myself when I was coming up."

  Yun Su didn't say more as she clasped her hands, "Hello guys, I am Yun Su, the owner of the World's First House, Yun is Yun Su's Yun, Su is Yun Su's Su."

  If it was before, she would have just said that she was the owner of the World's First Building.

  Now she has to introduce what her name is, which is really sad.

  After saying that, the two people in the car were a bit lost for words, it would have been better to just say what their names were, and that latter sentence was also nonsense.

  "Lei Yunsheng."

  "Li Hai."

  Subsequently, the other two people in the car exchanged a look in the rearview mirror, the world's first building?

  Although Lei Yunsheng's sense of taste, and sense of smell have developed problems over the years.

  But with his identity, which restaurant has such an amazing cook in the words, it is impossible for him not to know, especially if she is still the boss.

  Li Hai's line of sight skimmed to the passenger side of the pot, so he spoke: "The world's first building, is that the pot?"

  "What?" Yun Su, who had seen big scenes, couldn't help it at this moment.

  She's just a bit down and out now, after she reopens the World's First Mansion later, she will definitely smash this pot into his face!

  No, she wants him to apologize to this pot! This will be her store pot in the future!

  Seeing that Yun Su was a bit angry, Li Hai hastened to make amends, "Hey, I was talking nonsense, nonsense."

  Li Hai did not laugh okay, this laugh, that originally serious face now becomes a little distorted.

  Yun Su waved his hand in disgust, "You'd better not laugh."

  The car once again fell into silence, Lei Yunsheng knew what he wanted to know, and now relaxed a lot.

  He turned his head to look at Yun Su who was just puffed up.

  She was sitting straight, with her body facing straight ahead.

  The white clothes were a little pilled, but very clean.

  No sweat smell, but a little light fragrance.

  Lei Yunsheng was wondering why he could still smell her scent when his sense of smell was clearly failing.

  Her round eyes do not know what she is looking at, the side can only see a bit of the bridge of the nose.

  The nose was tiny, like a Barbie doll's nose, and her long hair was tied up casually above her neck.

  Perhaps it was because she had been walking for too long, her hair was a little messy.

  Her hands were on her knees, and her sitting posture was not at all like a girl.

  With the movement of the car, and the breeze of the cold air inside, her slightly messy hair swayed slightly.

  Her face has faded into a flush, and freckles have become especially noticeable on her white face.

  However, it was not unsightly, but rather added a special glow to her.

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