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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Fish and pork soup

  Lei Yunsheng looked at him puzzled, but saw Li Hai squeezing his eyebrows.

  Xu is too full of food, usually always sensitive brain at the moment some short-circuit, think for a while Lei Yunsheng only understand Li Hai's meaning.

  He turned his head to look at Yun Su and raised his voice: "Yes, why don't we add a WeChat? It's also convenient to contact."

  He didn't say exchange phone numbers anymore, only add a wechat, this should not be rejected now, right?

  Yun Su has just come to this world not long ago, although she has already adapted to the current environment, but for her newly bought box, she has long been left behind.

  Hearing them say cell phone number and WeChat, a moment some did not react just.

  After a long time, just when they thought they were going to be rejected by Yun Su again, only to see Yun Su rummaging around from her cart to find her hand.

  Yun Su directly handed the phone to the two, "You guys get it yourselves, I won't."

  After saying that, she cleaned up the dishes and went.

  Although Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai usually use WeChat less, but the most basic adding people and chatting will still be.

  But Yun Su looks so much younger than them, why can't she even add people? She can't be a reclusive person who just came out of the mountains, right?

  The two looked at the high mountain next to them by moonlight and became more and more sure of their thoughts.

  No wonder, she will live in this place, no wonder she is only a teenager cooking but so delicious, no wonder her knife work is so good.

  It turns out that ......

  Just then, the sound of birds chirping came from the mountains, and the birds chirping pulled the two back to reality.

  They shook their heads, this is not in the other world, this is in reality, people are just more talented at cooking.

  Moreover, with her cooking skills, it is only a matter of time before people move out of here.

  A momentary dilemma says nothing, what is feared is to adapt to the dilemma, immersed in it, not trying, not jumping out of it, every day self-loathing.

  Yun Su's phone did not set a password lock, Lei Yunsheng light touch the screen, the phone lit up.

  In addition to the software that comes with the system, there is only one social software, WeChat.

  He opened WeChat, found Yun Su's QR code business card, took out his phone and swiped it, and successfully added Yun Su's friends.

  Then he wanted to put away his phone, Li Hai saw the situation, quick eyes and quick hands hurriedly swept Yun Su's QR code.

  The young master ah, I also want to add Yun Su! Add friends or I suggested it.

  Besides, who is he doing it for, it's not for you Lei Yunsheng! This person really crosses the river and tears down the bridge, and even wants to eat alone.

  However, he is a generous person, the young master abused him a thousand times, he treats the young master as when he first met.

  Li Hai pulled the three into a small group, and after this was done, he put away his phone, but saw that Lei Yunsheng hadn't returned the phone to Yun Su.

  Only to see Lei Yunsheng on Yun Su's phone screen, poking a number.

  Li Hai watched quietly, and more and more felt that the string of numbers looked very familiar.

  After he remembered, the silent night rang with Lei Yunsheng's cell phone ringing.

  Li Hai widened his eyes, really no business, sinister.

  People Yun Su let you get yourself, you add people friends on the line, but even want people's cell phone numbers.

  When he also wanted to enter his own phone number, Lei Yunsheng already took the phone to find Yun Su.

  Li Hai froze in place, really, no martial arts!

  After exchanging contact information, the two went home.

  Yun Su finished packing and went to bed, she has to get up early tomorrow, tired all day, she did not want to stay up late to get fish.

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai drove home, on the way to the mouth are still the fragrance of fish, although the two can no longer eat a grain of something, but this does not prevent them from recalling the delicious food they just ate.

  Li Hai originally a large amount of food, today is also really eaten, not to mention the already hungry Lei Yunsheng a long time.

  When they saw the roadside pharmacy, they also went to buy a box of appetite suppressant tablets.

  Lei Yunsheng looked at the box of appetite tablets and smiled, how many years have not had this feeling of eating until you want to vomit.

  Knowing that they can not eat, but still want to eat a little more, and then eat a little more, for fear that they eat less.

  After arriving home, Lei Yunsheng washed up and ready to go to bed, but he had insomnia again today.

  This time is very different from the previous, the previous is hungry to sleep, today is the support to sleep.

  Insomnia is not a good feeling, but the joy of eating to support the feeling overcomes it.

  He smiled, got up from the bed, casually put on a coat and went downstairs.

  I don't know if it's because he was full, but this time he wasn't careful and even walked very fast without any discomfort.

  He tilted his head up to look at the stars and the moon in the sky and let out an exclamation, "Food is really a cure for all diseases, better than all the good medicine in the world."

  He walked in the garden, and as he walked, he saw a figure in the dark.

  Lei Yunsheng's heart shrank and his voice went cold, "Who is it?"

  The person came out of the darkness with an embarrassed smile on his face, "Young master, it's me, I ate too much today and came for a walk."

  Lei Yunsheng exhaled a breath, so it was today's meal friend.

  So, one person's elimination of food turned into two people's companionship.

  Two people walking, suddenly heard the phone ringing.

  Home landline number, only Li Hai's father Li Qing, and Lei Yunsheng's mother Lei Tiger know.

  And Li Qing is never call the landline, call the landline is only Lei Tiger.

  Let the tiger play the landline that there is only one possibility, that is, Lei Yunsheng did something to make her unhappy.

  Because Lei Yunsheng body reasons, Lei tiger is rarely angry with him.

  The only reason that can make Lei Yunsheng Lei Yun angry is because of the company.

  The two walked down the hall while recalling what happened today.

  In the morning they went out originally to visit the branch, and then on the way they smelled the scent of eggs

  Then later, they forgot about the matter of going to visit the company.

  And Lei Yunsheng is the future boss, even if he let the staff pigeon, no one dared to say anything.

  But, even if the employees do not say anything, there is a person will not stop there, that is, Lei Yunsheng's mother Lei Tiger!

  As the chairman of the Lei Group, every day there will be a person for her to report all the company's affairs, especially now Lei Yunsheng to visit the company, Lei Tiger is more important, so this is not surprising that she knows.

  The young man who lost his husband, Lei Tigers raised Lei Yunsheng alone.

  In the face of such a large Lei Group, not only did not let it fall, but the business is thriving, ten years, so that the Lei Group to a higher level.

  Relying on, in addition to the thunderous means, the most important thing is integrity.

  But she did not expect that her insistence for so many years was broken by her own son, enough to imagine how angry she was.

  After picking up the phone, Lei Yunsheng made the first move, "Mom, I ate three eggs and a lot of fish today."

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