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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Dog food is not good

  With this in mind, Yun Su decided to go forward and help Zheng Jing Bao out, "Sister, haven't you eaten yet? I made meat cakes, let's have some?"

  Hearing the word sister, Wang Meijuan was happy, "Oops, wrong call, you have to call me auntie."

  Yun Su looked at her in shock, "Impossible, you don't look like you can be an aunt."

  Hearing this, Wang Meijuan face more smile, "I am more than forty years old, a few more years will be fifty, you say that my age is not to be called aunt?"

  "I really don't see it yet." Yun Su was telling the truth, she really didn't see that Wang Meijuan was over forty, how did this look like she was in her thirties?

  Before coming to China, she was also obsessed with maintenance.

  Every day on time to bed, before going to bed must soak in the bath and drink honey water, weekdays will also use pearl powder on the face, and sometimes drink skin care soup.

  She looks a little younger than her age, but now in this comparison of the young lady, her little youth really does not show.

  This aunt, no, Miss, also has some traces on her face, but very inconspicuous.

  Wang Meijuan touched her face, the fire in her heart has long been coaxed away by Yun Su in three or two words.

  Zheng Jingbao gave a thumbs up, still women know women best.

  Yun Su was focused on thinking about how Wang Meijuan was maintained, and didn't even notice his actions.

  For the sake of beauty, Yun Su decided to get close to Wang Meijuan first, just like Zheng Jingbao did before.

  She pulled Wang Meijuan to her side, "Sister, this beef cake is just right to eat now, it's still hot here, you try it?"

  The first thing she did was to notice the golden cakes on the table. Although the cakes smelled good, they looked oily and were not suitable for dieters.

  Wang Meijuan shook her head, "No, I'm on a diet recently."

  I don't know if I should just get too angry, she didn't even smell the fragrance in the air.

  Now after not being angry, the fragrance in the air makes her mouth secrete saliva like crazy.

  After saying this sentence for more than ten seconds, she changed her mouth, "Eat full to have the strength to lose weight, it's okay to eat a little ha."

  Yun Su nodded, "That is the truth, besides, you are not fat, no need to lose weight."

  She has a nice figure, she is over forty years old and still maintains it so well, it is hard work.

  Wang Meijuan also did not use Yun Su to fetch cutlery, she grabbed Zheng Jingbao's chopsticks and kicked him to the side.

  The company said it would only eat a little, but this time it accidentally ate too much.

  The cake looked very oily and greasy, but eating it must not be greasy, the meat filling inside will also burst juice.

  One more person to eat, originally made more meat cakes, but also at a rate visible to the naked eye is slowly decreasing.

  Yun Su was having fun and didn't even notice the eyes of the men next to her.

  They weren't full yet!

  Seeing that Wang Meijuan had already finished the meat cakes, Yun Su smiled faintly, his purpose had been achieved.

  Start asking what you want to know most.

  "Sister, can you tell me how you take care of this skin?"

  Wang Meijuan ate too full, every few words will burp.

  "Usually burp on the normal wash face, but my burp skin care products, are customized according to my skin burp state, every month will be re-ordered according to the skin state skin care products."

  Yun Su came to the spirit, moved next to her, "Where to order ah?"

  So advanced? In the past, she used to use whatever she thought was good, but she never thought that this skin care product could be customized.

  "In the capital, not only the face every day to use those skin care products, body also need to use, especially I also easy to edema, every day before going to bed with that skin care products coated body ah, the next day will be smooth, but also can relieve edema."

  It can relieve edema, this is too suitable for her.

  Especially now, she has to stand for a long time to do the dishes, the whole day down the body is not comfortable, and the next day will be edema.

  On top of that, her skin is in bad shape now, especially her face has many spots.

  Yun Su's eyes widened and instantly brightened up a lot, but soon, her eyes darkened again, "That must be very expensive, right?"

  Wang Meijuan leaned back in her chair, hand rubbing her stomach, she regretted wearing a cheongsam out.

  Wearing cheongsam is because she likes cheongsam, but also to suppress appetite.

  I didn't expect it to become a burden to her now, this stomach is really too much, and the clothes are tight, not to mention how uncomfortable it is.

  She found a more comfortable position, which nodded, "It is indeed very expensive, but this woman's face should be well protected, or wait for the old wrinkles will have the regret."

  "That's right." Yun Su expressed great agreement with this.

  Zheng Jingbao on the side finally interjected, "It's not just expensive, it's simply sky-high."

  After he said a number, Yun Su was instantly silent.

  She silently calculated in her mind how much money she had now, and after the calculation, she didn't want to say a word.

  Although she has earned a lot of money, but still some money short of ordering skin care products, especially that skin care products have to be changed once a month, now she can not afford.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

  A meal down, Yun Su and Wang Meijuan chat more and more happy, the two became a good sister more than 20 years apart.

  Wang Meijuan people grumpy, but very famous reason, character and good.

  After knowing that Wang Meijuan was worried about Zheng Jingbao's health, Yun Su also helped to come up with an idea.

  The two head to head whispering, from time to time also smiled and look at Zheng Jingbao two eyes.

  Zheng Jingbao looked at the two, could not help but shake the fat body.

  What the hell are they doing, how can they look so scary.

  Yun Su led Wang Meijuan and Zheng Jingbao out, pointing to the mountains of eggs outside, "Sister, look at the eggs, why don't we just give them all to brother-in-law?"

  Wang Meijuan gave Zheng Jingbao a blank look, then took Yun Su's hand, "Sister, this is not allowed, if you put these eggs in his hands, they will all break."

  Zheng Jingbao loves to eat, but this cooking skill is really not good, even the simple cooking noodles can not, not as good as Li Hai, the kitchen white.

  This person is also, in addition to will taste a little food, so many years is everything did not learn, even a gas stove can not open.

  Yun Su held him back, "It's okay, just wash the eggs, there will be no problem."

  Wang Meijuan immediately happy, "this feeling good." So many eggs all washed can also consume a lot.

  Without asking Zheng Jingbao's opinion, she agreed for Zheng Jingbao.

  "Okay, don't worry, don't look at him fat, he's still very nimble."

  Looking at Zheng Jingbao's already drooping mouth, Yun Su then said, "No need for brother-in-law to wash so much, I can't finish this one time."

  "Good, all listen to my sister, you let him wash as much as we let him wash."

  Now Wang Meijuan is more and more like Yun Su, this child is not only good at cooking, but also very capable, and can help her husband lose weight.

  It's just that the age is a few years younger than the family's children, but what does it matter, they like each other, she will be their own sister.

  Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai went upstairs for a lunch break, while Yunsu and Wang Meijuan got high on melon seeds under the sunshade and watched Zheng Jingbao wash the eggs.

  After Zheng Jingbao washed the eggs, he just wanted to go home and rest.

  Wang Meijuan was a little distressed by his appearance and went home after saying goodbye to Yun Su.

  The eggs had been washed, but the important spring water had not yet been used.

  She intended to go back to get some spring water, just in time to see Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai out.

  Thinking of Lei Yunsheng's health, she called on him to go with her.

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