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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Come up and I'll carry you

  When Lei Yunsheng was small, he always carried Lei Yunsheng to play, and now Lei Yunsheng wants him to carry, he did not feel there is anything wrong.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  And he is not unable to walk, he is afraid to run into rats again, want him to protect themselves.

  After waiting for a while and not feeling someone on his back, Li Hai stood up, "What's wrong?"

  He is not tired, how come he is not up?

  Lei Yunsheng at the moment now is not only body tired, the heart is also tired.

  He did not know what to say, and went straight ahead.

  Li Hai saw the situation and hurriedly followed.

  Just then, Lei Yunsheng heard the sound of feet on falling leaves, his nostrils contracted, eyes widened.

  Turned around and quickly back to Li Hai's side, hiding behind him.

  Coming coming, they are really coming.

  Last time before he fell into the water not only saw the shadow, but also heard the sound.

  It was this sound, Lei Yunsheng's fingers holding the hiking stick had turned white.

  Li Hai is a little confused, what is this again?

  Usually, the young master will only become this way now when he encounters rats.

  He is not afraid of fierce beasts, afraid of rats, whether it is hamsters or chinchillas, as long as and rats like things also can not.

  But now there is no mouse here, how can he be afraid of this?

  He sighed helplessly, Lei Yunsheng's body had gradually shivered, and just then, the culprit who made the sound appeared.

  Lei Yunsheng completely dumbfounded, which is what mouse ah, this is clearly a chicken and duck!

  How can there be chickens and ducks on this mountain?

  Although he has not raised these small animals, but is seen, so it is not surprising to recognize.

  Li Hai's face is the same question as Lei Yunsheng, "How can there be chickens and ducks here."

  After knowing that the previous black shadow is not a mouse, Lei Yunsheng is not afraid.

  He came to the interest, followed the chickens and ducks, down a hill.

  Li Hai followed over, this place is not, the young master before rolling down the place?

  What is he going to do?

  The further down the hill, Lei Yunsheng can smell the smell of fish is getting heavier and heavier.

  "Do you smell it?" Lei Yunsheng asked Li Hai, who was on the side.

  "Smell it." Such a strong fishy smell, if he still can not smell, then he is not more serious than Lei Yun sick.

  After saying this, Li Hai turned his head to look at Lei Yunsheng, "You also smelled it?" The tone of voice was full of shock.

  Lei Yunsheng nodded, "Well, before I fell into the water, I accidentally drank a few mouthfuls of river water, so that night I could eat the smell of bubble noodles."

  When he finished, he saw Li Hai go up to the river and squatted down, then put the towel hanging around his neck into the water.

  "What are you doing?" To cool down also do not use the water here, Yun Su home mountain spring water is much cleaner than this river water.

  Li Hai continued to use the towel to absorb water, "We came out without bringing a bottle or something, I used the towel to absorb a little of the water in the river, when we return home to you to drink."

  He finished, Lei Yunsheng "vomit" a, this person should not be so disgusting ah.

  At this point, Lei Yunsheng had forgotten that he had decided to drink the dirty river water before.

  Li Hai did not take it seriously, what is this, this is water after all, he also drank urine before.

  Not to mention this dirty water, if something else can cure the young master's disease, even if the young master does not want to eat, he will force the young master to eat.

  Lei Yunsheng stepped forward, took the towel out of his hands and wrung out the excess water and put it back into his hands.

  "We came here to find water for Yun Su to make ice, there is clean water not used, why use dirty water?!"

  Before falling into the river was accidentally drank horehound water, now it is not known whether that water has germs, long-term drinking will not have problems.

  "But the water used to make ice cubes is useful to you, is not this a guess? This river water is useful to you is certain."

  Lei Yunsheng froze, it is indeed so true ha.

  He thought for a moment, "Let's go see, if that water does not work then come back here to get water."


  After a delay here, Lei Yunsheng has also rested almost, he walked significantly faster than just.

  They had seen Yun Su washing eggs here before, so they found the exact location.

  Lei Yunsheng squatted a little above the puddle and held out his hand to Li Hai at the back of the slant, "Strawberry."

  Li Hai handed him the strawberry, he washed the strawberry, and then used the bag to fill some mountain spring water, soaked the strawberry with mountain spring water for a while before trying it.

  The first bite, Lei Yunsheng narrowed his eyes.

  So sweet, and before coming to eat the strawberry taste completely different.

  After he finished the strawberries, and held the mountain spring water with his hands and drank a few mouthfuls, and Li Hai went home.

  To this trip he determined that there is no way to divert this mountain spring water.

  Even if there is a pump can pump water, but the distance is too far.

  If you ignore the distance is not too good, the mountain is not electrified, pumping water with a pump needs electricity.

  The two returned home when Yun Su had not yet returned, Lei Yunsheng opened the refrigerator to take some bread to test.

  The bread was fluffy and slightly sweet.

  He finally confirmed his suspicion that the mountain spring water really works for him.

  But exactly what to do to ensure the effectiveness of the mountain spring water for a long time?

  He can't lose his sense of taste when he goes to fetch some mountain spring water back to drink, right?

  In the short term, but not in the long term, after all, he is not from Yuncheng, he has to go back to the capital.

  Lei's headquarters in the capital, he can't move Lei's headquarters to Yuncheng, nor can he settle in Yuncheng, he has to go back to preside over the big picture and let his mother rest early.

  Otherwise, try drinking more mountain spring water?

  But yesterday he ate not a lot of ice, and today he still has no taste, is it because of the long interval?

  While he was thinking, Yun Su came back, and he and Li Hai changed into thinner clothes and helped Yun Su move the eggs.

  The weather was hot, and after carrying the eggs for a while, everyone was gradually sweating.

  Lei Yunsheng smelled the same scent he had smelled before, and he stopped moving and patted Li Hai's arm.

  "Do you smell anything?"

  Li Hai shrugged his nose and nodded solemnly, "Yes!"

  Just when Lei Yunsheng wanted to ask him what he smelled, only to hear Li Hai then said, "The scent of tea eggs, so fragrant, I wonder if Yun Su has left tea eggs for us to eat."

  Lei Yunsheng gave him a white look, "What about other, other scents have not smelled?"

  Li Hai shook his head, "No."

  Lei Yunsheng frowned, what is going on, is he the only one who can smell this fragrance?

  He closed his eyes and carefully felt the direction of the scent.

  Just then, a familiar voice sounded in front of him, "What are you doing?" Yun Su took a step backward.

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