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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-Change the food stall

  Just now when Lei Yunsheng was upstairs, he smelled a fragrance that seemed to be there.

  Before Yun Su called him, he had already acted.

  Once he came down, he really saw Yun Su holding the familiar plastic bag in his hand.

  He couldn't help but speed up his steps, his eyes bubbling with light as he looked at the plastic bag in Yun Su's hand.

  When Yun Su handed him the plastic bag, he saw Li Hai who came out of the invisible door.

  Li Hai had already changed his clothes, his hair was still bubbling with water, it looked like he had just finished taking a shower.

  "This is the eggs I made this morning, dinner will have to wait a while to be ready, you guys eat some first pad it pad your stomach."

  Lei Yunsheng now has only eggs in his heart and eyes, and long ago could not hear what Yun Su was saying.

  Only Li Hai still retains a trace of reason, "What do we eat for dinner later?"

  Yun Su pointed to the swimming fish that was still in the pot, "Eat fish."

  "Still eating fish hot pot?" Thinking of yesterday's hot pot, Li Hai and Lei Yunsheng's mouths had started to secrete saliva like crazy.

  Yun Su glared at the two, "What do you two take me for? I generation of culinary gods, will eat fish hot pot every day? Would there be only one way to make fish anymore?"

  "Today I'll make one fish and eat four!"

  While Li Hai and Yun Su were just talking, Lei Yunsheng had already peeled open an egg and ate it.

  The familiar egg entered his mouth and the aroma immediately filled his entire mouth.

  He chewed it carefully and couldn't swallow it.

  Only when he heard Yun Su say one fish, four food, did he swallow the egg and ask, "One fish, four food?"

  After saying these four words, Lei Yunsheng quickly, sent the remaining half of the egg into his mouth.

  That action, as if someone was robbing him of his eggs.

  Yun Su smiled mysteriously, "You'll know when I'm done."

  As a result, neither of the two people paid any attention to her.

  Li Hai was busy grabbing the eggs and Lei Yunsheng was busy protecting them.

  Yun Su shook her head helplessly, these two people are more than fifty years old combined, still grabbing eggs to eat, really childish.

  "You two, don't just focus on fighting, get the rice on, just enough for the three of us to eat."

  After saying that, she stopped paying attention to the two and started to handle the fish.

  Hearing Yun Su's words, the two stood up straight.

  Li Hai smoothed out his clothes that were wrinkled from grabbing the eggs and looked at Lei Yunsheng smugly, "Give me two eggs or I won't steam the rice."

  Yun Su was handling the fish, Lei Yunsheng couldn't steam rice, and he was the only one who could do it now.

  So he now has a strong bottom, not afraid that Li Hai will not give him the eggs.

  Not to give him eggs, the big deal is that he will not eat rice, but Lei Yunsheng is different, he rarely eats rice once, absolutely want to eat more.

  Yesterday he just saw the eggs, smelled the eggs, did not eat the eggs at all.

  He threatened Lei Yunsheng because he wanted to taste the eggs himself, and also for Lei Yunsheng's sake.

  After eating three eggs yesterday, a few hours apart, he ate a fish hot pot, and then he ate stomachic tablets, and walk.

  Eat so many eggs today, and then eat fish and rice later, he can not guarantee that tonight he will go to the hospital.

  Previously to go to the hospital is not comfortable stomach, nutritional injection, now go to the hospital is to eat propped up, really think about it is a little speechless.

  Do not know their stomach is not good, do not pay any attention.

  There are things about Lei Yunsheng, Li Hai is a big brother, always worry about him.

  Lei Yunsheng also knows that Li Hai is a good intention, he took another egg from the bag, and then handed the whole plastic bag to Li Hai.

  "You also eat less." He was not the only one who went for a walk yesterday, Li Hai also went.

  Only Li Hai is a little stronger than himself, he did not eat the stomachic tablets.

  Li Hai took the bag, "You think I'm the same as you are not measured ah."

  But it did not take him long to hit his face, he is not as good as Lei Yunsheng.

  Lei Yunsheng at least remembered to chew slowly, while he a bite of an egg, not long, the six eggs in the bag was eaten up by him.

  Because he ate too fast, he even burped.

  Lei Yunsheng patted his back with one hand and held a glass of water with the other, "Drink some water and go cook when you feel better."

  The mouth said words of concern, but in reality is urging him to hurry up to steam rice.

  Li Hai grabbed his hand patting his back, viciously snatched the water cup and drank it all, "Got it."

  As a result, because the water was drunk too quickly, his hiccups were not, but became more intense.

  Li Hai received another cup of water, which was better.

  He cooked the rice and, like Lei Yunsheng, moved a chair from the dining room to watch Yun Su cook.

  After catching the fish from the river, Yun Su immediately put the fish into the water, so now the fish is still alive and kicking.

  Yun Su took the kitchen knife to the head of the fish and slapped it a few times, the fish fainted, then she began to handle the fish.

  Remove the gills, remove the scales, remove the guts, chop off the tail and fins, and rinse well.

  She put the tail and fins aside to save them for later use.

  The head and body of the fish were divided into two, and the head was chopped in the middle.

  Without even raising her head, she shouted, "Lei Yunsheng, where is your plate?"

  When the fish was handled just now, the kitchen knife was on the shelf of the operation table and could be seen at a glance.

  She casually pulled out a smooth knife and operated it, but this plate she really did not find.

  Lei Yunsheng is not the first time to see Yunsu handling fish, after a day to see Yunsu handling fish again, he was still deeply shocked to.

  When he heard Yun Su call him, he didn't react for a moment, but only after Yun Su called a second time, he came back to his senses.


  Because he didn't hear any movement after calling him twice, Yun Su, who was looking at the fish head at the moment, was a bit impatient, "Where's your plate?!"

  Yun Su's knife poked the vegetable plate, she crossed her waist with one hand and held the knife with the other, her face was unpleasant and looked a bit frightening.

  Lei Yunsheng, who was immersed in the joy of the food he was about to eat, didn't notice how scary her expression was.

  He opened the drawer next to Yun Su's location, only to see a plate neatly erected inside, next to the plate there are all kinds of bowls.

  Yun Su, who was just angry, was instantly attracted, "Wow, what's this again? So special."

  "This is a cutlery washing machine, there is no world, my friend specially ordered, used cutlery placed in this, press the button, the machine will automatically come out of the water."

  "After washing the tableware, the machine will automatically set itself up after drying is completed."

  "The size of the tableware in here is also custom-made."

  The more Yun Su listened, the more excited she became, the rich people in China really know how to enjoy ah, why didn't she think of getting a machine like this before?

  She swore that she would make good money and try to buy a house and a car as soon as possible, and then she would order one of these machines!

  No, when the time comes, also want a kitchen this big, but also two floors!

  Yun Su wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth, put the fish head on the plate, and continued to cook.

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