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The opening of a roadside stall, the god of cooking she burst into flames-As long as I am not embarrassed, embarrassed is others

  Thinking of this, Yun Su suddenly felt a sense of guilt, she was too tired these two days, so she didn't cook properly and was a bit negative.

  When Lei Yunsheng gives her the money for her work, she will deduct the money for these days.

  Yun Su thought while walking, and when she reached the stairway, she saw Li Hai looking at her with an expectant face.

  "What are we going to eat for lunch?"

  "Eat eggs, the eggs you have left over in the morning."

  The smile on Li Hai's face disappeared, "Eating eggs again, huh?"

  Although eggs are also very delicious, but always eat he really feel a little tired of eating.

  Yun Su stopped and turned his head to glare at Li, "I just came back when I asked you guys to order, none of you said anything, now after I said myself what to make, you are not satisfied, what do you want?"

  Facing the angry chef, Li Hai only had to compensate for the smile, "No, no, you are at liberty, what you cook I eat."

  If Yun Su did not cook, he could just eat something else to pad it, but Lei Yunsheng is different, he can not eat other meals, for the mood and health of the young master, tolerate a moment of peace and quiet.

  Yun Su crossed the kitchen, returned to his car, handed the jar filled with water to Li Hai, "Your family has a refrigerator, right?"

  She hadn't used many things in the kitchen, and no one had introduced her to them, but a kitchen this big would have a refrigerator, right?

  If Li Hai and Lei Yunsheng knew, they would have shouted, "It's not that we didn't introduce you, it's that we didn't know you didn't know!"

  When Yun Su ate the unpalatable shaved ice yesterday, she had planned to make it herself when she went home in the afternoon, but she didn't know where to get ice, and wanted to ask the boss who sold shaved ice to buy it.

  The shaved ice of course to do with fresh fruit to be the most delicious, so she decided to buy some of their favorite fruits, make more shaved ice, who knew that she would find the refrigerator such a good thing.

  Because business is not good now, some stores will make the best use of it and take more things into account.

  For example, now the fruit store, but also sell juice.

  Yesterday in the fruit store when someone asked for juice, the boss took a cup out of a large box and handed it to the person, and added some ice cubes inside.

  She thought it was amazing when she first saw it, because it was summer and the place where he took out the ice didn't have a special storage tool.

  The Chinese dynasty is also very hot in the summer and needs to use a lot of ice, but those ice cubes are all from the river in winter and put in the cellar where the temperature is extremely low in order to preserve.

  But now, outside of that big box is the hot sun, and it's amazing that ice can be preserved just through that box.

  When you open that big box, the big box will also be out of the white gas.

  At the time, she just felt amazing and forgot that it might be something more common in this world, like that washing machine.

  When she asked the boss what it was, he looked at her in disbelief.

  Thinking that she always comes over here to buy eggs, and looking at her relatively young, so young to work so hard to earn money, thinking that she may not have a good family, they carefully explained for her.

  "This is a refrigerator, just plug it in, put the fruit and juice inside for a few hours and it will become cold and refreshing."

  "If you have food that you can't finish, you can also put it inside to store, refrigerated then only for a day or two, frozen for a period of time is no problem."

  Yun Su nodded, really convenient it.

  In the past, if you want to eat these need to use ice, but, with ice directly ice, those delicious to cool faster than this refrigerator.

  "So where did the ice come from?"

  The boss laughed cheerfully at her words, "This is frozen in the refrigerator, just put the water into the container, and then put the container into the refrigerator freezer, you can get the ice cubes in a few hours."

  "Put the water container how big, the ice can freeze how big, but if the container is bigger than the refrigerator, then there is no way."

  Yun Su nodded and bought a bunch of fruits to go home after saying thanks.

  Li Hai took the jar, "There, you want to use?"

  Yun Su pointed to the jar, "You find a container to pour the water in, and then put it in the freezer to freeze into ice, I want to use it this afternoon, the smaller the ice the better."

  "Right, and then put the fruit I bought yesterday into the refrigerator, just put it in the freezer."

  Li Hai heard, instantly smiled openly, today is too happy, right? Not only a delicious lunch, there are also drinks in the afternoon, simply too good, right?

  Knowing that Yun Su's cooking skills are excellent, I still don't know what it will be like for her to make drinks.

  I don't know if it is, it's just plain squeezing fruit into juice and putting ice cubes in it.

  By the time the afternoon came, he realized he was very wrong, because what Yun Su made was not juice, but shaved ice.

  "Fruit? Where is it?"

  Yun Su pointed to the operating table, "Eh? I put it on here when I came back yesterday, ah, why is it gone?"

  Li Hai suddenly froze, uh, that fruit yesterday, it seems to be eaten by him.

  Wasn't that fruit bought by Auntie, was it bought by Yun Su?

  They don't cook often, they keep some simple ingredients in the fridge, and auntie will come over every few days, then see what they are missing and fill them up.

  When he saw the fruits on the console yesterday, he thought that Auntie had forgotten to put them in the fridge, but now that he thinks about it, yesterday was not the day that Auntie came.

  Luckily he didn't eat all those fruits, otherwise it would be really hard to explain now.

  He hurriedly said, "I put those fruits in the fridge yesterday."

  "Ao." Yun Su nodded her head.

  After Li Hai put part of the water into the refrigerator, Lei Yunsheng had also packed up his mood and came down.

  Li Hai did not say anything and walked over to Lei Yunsheng and patted his shoulder.

  Lei Yun stretched out his hand and patted the hand placed on his shoulder and returned his smile, indicating that he was now well and told him not to worry.

  Seeing Lei Yunsheng come down, Yun Su instantly thought of that awkward scene that happened not long ago.

  She cleared her throat, "Ahem, one of you help me make a little rice, not too much."

  Li Hai was putting in the second batch of water, and Lei Yunsheng volunteered, "I'll do it."

  He couldn't cook rice, but he could still poke rice.

  He could cook the rice after panning the rice and wait for Li Hai to finish getting the water.

  Yun Su nodded, "Mm."

  Yun Su no longer cared about the two of them, she stood in front of the operating table and began to peel the shells of the eggs left in the morning.

  Immersed in cooking, Yun Su had long lost her embarrassment, she only wanted to get the rice done now.

  After Lei Yunsheng and Li Hai cooked the rice, they ran out of things to do.

  The two moved two chairs to sit in front of Yun Su and began to try to smell the aroma before starting the meal.

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