The Goddess Detective
Author: yue ye shang yu
7 Chapters
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The Goddess Detective


Zhuge Ming, an old detective who was popular in the country, suddenly retired to his hometown when he was in his prime. The youngest daughter Zhuge Xiaoyue and her maid Ling'er have experienced the major mysteries such as "The Voice of Deaf Village", "The Mystery of Tianshasa Temple", "Misty Dragon City", "Survival in the Jungle", "Heart of the Moon" and "Nine Dragons Mystery" in search of the antidote. On the way to solve each mystery, Zhuge Xiaoyue found a hidden inner connection, the mystery all point to a mysterious master of medicine mixing. Misty and interlocking, the truth is far more bizarre than it seems ...... The Voice of the Deaf Village": The whole village has become deaf and dumb overnight, the ear-piercing and strange sounds keep ringing out at night, the accidental arrest, the mysterious little girl, the legendary treasure, everything is interwoven together and becomes confusing ...... The Mystery of Tensha Temple: The fire in the dining room, the poisoning in the water room, the murder of the monks, the different personalities of the lodgers, all pointing to the mysterious person hiding, are they only here for the mystery person? Maybe not necessarily ...... ......

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