The full level big brother is pretending to be a scum again
Author: qian xi
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The full level big brother is pretending to be a scum again


The whole book is free! 1v1 favored article / cool article, campus + workplace + vest + mansion] The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the book. Her father is an academician at the Academy of Engineering of Country A, and her mother is a senior professor at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences. In front of people, she is a small newcomer who covers up her sharpness in a low profile, but after people, she is rooted in the academic world and is happy to lead the field of physical chemistry of country A to occupy an unshakeable position in continent H. Gu Heng, the famous young man in the imperial capital, has a noble temperament like the moon, with deep eyebrows, as if all the world could not enter his eyes. In front of people, he is the most favored son of the Imperial Group, and after people, he is a giant figure who holds the power of several continents. I thought that no one in the world could control his thoughts, until ...... One night, the moon was dark and windy, when he was heavily besieged by the B-continent mercenary group, she saved him and when she left, he clearly glimpsed the school emblem on her school uniform - Guang Sheng First High School. Ideas driven, the next day, he went through the admission procedures, only because, this girl has a fascination point, until to Nanxi inadvertently dropped a vest ...... [This book is also known as "Miss Xiang she is pretending to be a mengxin again" "Gu Shao step by step strategy" "After dropping a horse to classmates burning up"]

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