The fast wear of my host always want to darken
Author: fei yu dian xia
101 Chapters
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The fast wear of my host always want to darken


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. Since then, the waves over the various realms, a word of disagreement to carry a knife to cut, fight all over the world invincible. Qiu Ying: I heard that this protagonist combat power is explosive, can I cut (beat) with him (him)? The system: kiss, please do not just open the berserk mode Σ (?д? |||)? Qiu Ying:This little brother looks really good, can I take him home? The system: pro, please do not just collapse the persona (° ° ° 〃) Qiu Ying: you say I am not the most gentle, beautiful, kind-hearted female goose under the sky ~ System: host, you normal, first put down the knife! Qiu Ying: think back then I was also rich, the suitors around the world a circle. System: wake up, that is chasing you for revenge emmm #hosts are going crazy every day # # Miss every day want to collapse the realm and find people to fight # # On how to keep the system on its toes every day #

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