The fast wear blackened big brother breeding guide
Author: shu yan
43 Chapters
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The fast wear blackened big brother breeding guide


In every world, there are sons of qi luck, who should be standing at the top and proud of the group, but have a bad fate due to the loss of qi luck. Lou makeup was told that it was all because she had accidentally blown up the system bureau. So Lou makeup was packed and sent to the mission world to redeem the sons of Qi luck. Campus dimension: the heir of the wrong luxury family Palace realm: the warrior prince in a wheelchair Immortal realm: Genius who was tapped for spiritual roots ...... After successfully redeeming the son of qi luck and helping him to return to the top, Lou makeup was ready to run away, but he was locked up by the son of qi luck. "If you don't love me, then you'll have to be locked away."

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