The emperor of fast penetration was beaten today
Author: jia xi
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The emperor of fast penetration was beaten today


[Sweet article, easy, no abuse] The fairy, who is addicted to dog blood novels, accidentally pushed the emperor off the immortal execution platform. In order to redeem herself and save her beloved god, Ling Iris decided to go to the small world to find the soul of the emperor. But the emperor is obsessed with the heroine can not extricate himself, Ling Kite in order to coax the soul back, it can be said to use all means. ---- The emperor: I want to get rich overnight. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get the job done. The emperor: I want to be invincible. :With me, you are invincible in the world. The emperor: I want to go to the heroine. Leng Kui raised her small white fist. After a long time, looking at the untidy clothes eyes flooded with tears of the emperor, a gentle smile: still want? The emperor: no ...... do not want. I'm sorry, but I'm sorry.

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