The city's bigwigs are my disciples
Author: gong zi ru xue
100 Chapters
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The city's bigwigs are my disciples


Qin's granddaughter was raised in the Taoist temple, and did not even go to school, in addition to good-looking nothing. The little Taoist nun came back to school from the mountain, everyone was waiting to see the joke, the result ...... Want to bully people are bullied cry, want to see the joke all become jokes, all the big brother apprentice grandson also come to the hilarious - Ghost doctor sage: dare to bully my master, ask my scalpel answer or not? Bo hit the champion: which skin itch, I help you scratch with my fist! Financial big brother: Little master don't be angry, look at who is displeased, we smashed him with money. Demon movie emperor: Nine children ...... Qin Jiu raised his eyebrows: En? The film emperor compensated smile: I mean, nine master ancestor, nine master ancestor! ...... The first time I heard that the little ancestor had made a boyfriend who had no hands and was poor, the big brother's disciples came to the door indignantly: "I see who has such a big face to dare to give us a master?" Seeing the one who is peeling shrimp for the little ancestor, all the big brothers kneeled in unison: "Good master!" God fucking has no hands, poor as a clank, clearly is only the hand to cover the sky, rich can rival the boss, okay? ...... Qin Jiu has three hobbies: food, making money, and punching faces. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. S (belly) text (black) teaching (defeated) teaching (class) male lead VS small (big) fairy (magic) female (king) female lead.

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