Spiritual Fulfillment
Author: lu yu xi
16 Chapters
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Spiritual Fulfillment


Do you have a person in your heart who is as bright as a river of stars, and a faith that you still desire in the world. With him, even if the world is an enemy, there is still no fear. Perhaps there is such a person, she is the star river rolling with light through the heart of the person, full of mountains and rivers are not as good as her a smile. As long as she is in your arms, you will feel that the world can no longer be in your eyes. If one day, he or she suddenly disappears, does it mean that there are no more stars in the night sky? If faith disappears in the vast universe, what will mankind live on? The years are long, we need to talk slowly, we need to walk well, please follow the direction guided by the heart, and explore the mystery of the heart with Gusu Bei Hei!

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