She has been trapped by the marriage partner
Author: su xi yan
7 Chapters
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She has been trapped by the marriage partner


(Marriage first, love later, evenly matched, cunning and dark man vs.) She doesn't want her marriage to become a business sacrifice, so Su Qing decides to agree to the marriage partner Lu Yan's proposal: first set a marriage contract, and then break the marriage contract after the business cooperation between Su and Lu reaches a win-win situation. The marriage contract is certain, and the two of them agree to pretend to be in love to convince their families of their relationship. Since then, Su Qing's daily routine is to show "fake love" in the circle of friends. ...... But show and show, Su Qing suddenly found herself seem to be Lu Yan set up ...... Because Lu Yan even proposed to upgrade the fake relationship to fake marriage, take her to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate ......

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