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Please sign for your plug-in


"Host, the villain is dying, hurry up and save the day!" "Host, the villain urgently needs a hanged master to support the scene, please go as soon as possible!" "Host ......" "All right! Can't you see I'm eating candy canes? How come you system has no eyesight at all? The villain loves to die, so go ahead and do it!" North Xiaomei unconcerned to continue to nibble sugar gourd, completely did not take the system's words to heart. "Mission important or sugar gourd important ah?" The system is going to cry. "Sugar gourd!" The north small meditation thought not even think about a serious answer. This article is fast wear, absolutely bursting with laughter, do not like not spray, thank you for your support! Welcome to the group ~ \(≧▽≦)/~ QQ group number: 548641352

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