Otherworldly Supreme Miss
Author: yu xiao xi
98 Chapters
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Otherworldly Supreme Miss


Yu Xiao was originally a top assassin in the other world, and then opened his eyes and became the young master of the general's house. The first thing that I thought I could do after I was reborn was to abuse the scum and go to the top of my life, but I didn't expect this body to even have a spiritual root, Yu Xiao helplessly held his forehead. When the world learned that the young master was a beautiful woman, the whole continent was stirred, many hidden families have come to propose marriage. The result is that a man grabbed a handful of threw out a domineering response: "I fancy the woman, who dares to rob?" The most satisfying thing about Yu Xiaoxiao is that her brother is very naive, but who is this man who has been going through the window into her boudoir all day? A certain girl looked at someone righteously refused: "Big brother, maybe we are not familiar." The man who was undressing stared at the man with an evil smile after hearing: "You are not prepared to be responsible?" The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the big brother, wait online, quite anxious!

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