Nian Nian, You Yu
Author: chou feng xing nao dang pi lao
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Nian Nian, You Yu


On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Xu Nian received a postcard from Xu Yiyu. On the postcard was written: "Nian Nian Nian, You Yu. Xu Nian rejoiced and asked Xu Yiyu, "Is that what I think it means? You really like me, huh?" Xu Yiyu looked at Xu Nian's glowing eyes, glowing himself, and said word for word: "Well. Yes, really." The eyes are not often gentle and serious. The first day of the New Year of another year, Xu Nian received another postcard from Xu Yiyu. The letter was written on the piece: year after year do not miss, year after year have fish. Tears fell from Xu Nian's eyes, the light in her eyes, is dissipating. Xu Nian has lost her memory, probably because of her blood, she still has some impression of her relatives. But the person Xu Yiyu, is not remembered at all. Xu Nian's heart is always empty, often feeling lonely and sad. She always felt that she was missing something. Missing memories, missing responses, missing a person.

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