Moon in the arms
Author: jiong jiong you yao
92 Chapters
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Moon in the arms


After quitting the national team, Qi Yue threw herself into the agronomy profession. At a certain party, some people coaxed that whoever lost the shooting game should be kissed by Qi Yue. Looking at Qi Yue, who was planting potatoes in the test field with a hoe and a muddy face, everyone's face turned green. All of them scrambled to aim at the bullseye for fear of being punished. The final result is that the god of A University Gu Huai raised his hand and shot a 0 ring off the target. The second time they met, Gu Huai was being crushed by malicious provocations at the fencing hall. Qi Yue was forced to take action when she couldn't stand it. The third time they met, Gu Huai was homeless on the roadside. In order to help him, Qi Yue spent all her living expenses for three months. Years later. Qi Yue looked at the world shooting record certificate with Gu Huai's name on it, the fencing championship trophy, and a dozen sets of property certificates that she turned over from her home and fell into a pensive mood: "......"

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